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Finally, a well written Catwoman 3

Despite my conflicted feelings about the artwork, I enjoyed Chaykin's Follow The Money very much. 1. Selina is written very well in this book. It feels ages since she's actually shown to be independent, confident, and competent. Kudos to Chaykin for breaking this recent mold of cat-victim we see in Sirens. 2. I've seen many complaints about the artwork, especially how Chaykin draws faces. I concur. His Catwoman in costume is not the most flattering or appealing depiction of her out there. Yet, ...

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World's Silliest #3 0

Well, as a Catwoman fan, I was really looking forward to getting this book, especially with the gorgeous Phil Noto cover; but after I heard how she was treated in it, I opted to pass. I did get to see the offending page courtesy of a blogger in the Internet.  1. It seems like this writer and his editors did not do their homework on their guest as well as any previous relationships she had with the leads. Recommended reading for Sterling Gates and his editors: - Catwoman #34 by Brubaker ...

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