Former Favorites (childhood)

These are series/story arcs/graphic novels that I no longer follow, but used to be a big fan of.

List items

  • Some of the first comic books I read were Green Arrow. I followed them devotedly between the ages of 9 - 14. It was adult material that I certainly shouldn't have been allowed to read, but I did and I enjoyed getting away with it.

    I may give Ollie another chance again, but right now I've got other stories to focus on.

  • Many of my comic book reading friends in my youth (9 - 14 range, again) were X-Men fans, and yeah, I saw the appeal, but for some reason I was more drawn to WildCATs. Some day I should go back and re-read these and try to uncover what made WildCATs stronger material then X-Men for me.

  • Oh, my Trek years. Deep Space Nine was my favorite Trek series, even though I collected toys, autographs, magazines, cards, etc from all four the Trek shows (at the time), DSN was my favorite of them all.

  • Again, apart of my Trek years. This series was short lived I believe, but I enjoyed the stories and art a great deal.

  • I inherited many of these from my father and continued the collection for several years, reading classic literature before it was 'required' reading. It made it more enjoyable this way.

  • I inherited many of these from my father and continued the collection for several years.

  • Absolute love.

  • It's hard to continue to read a series when it ends. But honestly, I only really started to like the Nightwing comics near the end, anyway. Love Dick Grayson and the character Nightwing of course, but the comics were pretty lame at times, he deserved better.

  • Mandatory. You know it.

  • The first time I read lesbians in comic books. F-yeah!

  • Only barely followed these.