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Can I have a Green Salad? 17

The film is presented in a story tell format. It’s about several major characters in the Green lantern Corps.  The main story in the film is about a rookie, Arisia who just joins the corps before a huge confrontation with an enormous enemy, Krone who treats to destroy the universe and the Green Lanterns in it. The story is very interesting because presents different anecdotes about several Green Lanterns members. The Good It’s a perfect entrance point for an audience who is not familiar with th...

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The Absolute Final Battle 2

This issue concludes the investigation about the Killing of General Ryan. It is the ultimate confrontation between the S.C.A.R.S. and X-Factor Investigations. In addition, the plot brings to a close the general unhappiness of one of their own being seriously injured on the previous issue. The Good As we waited for the capital punishment granted by the SCARS, it seems that everyone who is active member on the team had a relevant part to play in this issue. It opened original possibilities for a...

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X-Factor vs. Norse Vikings scuffle lives up to all expectations. 24

This plot is set back in Vegas where the main team was investigating the whereabouts of Pip, the troll. After a successful plan to acquire Hela attention, the team gathers for the fight of their life.   The Good  As readers, we were expecting a full-size fight with the Viking zombie warriors. This issue did not disappoint us. In addition, the narrative introduces new elements to the main story that we thought we knew to increase a number of different levels of uncertainty. The art was packed wit...

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