Batman reading list

Batman reading list:

From Batman reading project:

"Since we’ve reached the end of the “Year One Era,” here is a list of the most “essential” reads from this portion of the chronology. I’m not necessarily saying these are my favorites, but rather, the most important stories in regard to the Batman mythos. Obviously, Miller’s Year One, which is still one of the best Batman reads of all time (if not the best) begins the list. The rest follows chronologically:

-the Joker origin as told in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke

-”Prey” from LOTDK #11-15 (good Hugo Strange stuff)

-Batman and the Mad Monk (classic Wagner)

-”Hot House” LOTDK #42-43 (P. Craig Russell art)

-”Blades” LOTDK #32-34 (Loeb/Sale amazing story and art)

-”Going Sane” LOTDK #65-68

-”Venom” LOTDK #16-20

-The Long Halloween by Loeb/Sale (not without its flaws, but great read nevertheless)

-Dark Victory by Loeb/Sale (strong sequel to The Long Halloween)

-Robin: Year One by Dixon/Beatty

-Dark Detective by Englehart/Rogers

-”Engines” LOTDK #74-75 (McKeever art/story)

-”Photo Finish” from Batman Chronicles #9 by Grayson

-”Cat and the Bat” Batman Confidential #17-21

-”Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul”

-”Siege” LOTDK #132-136

-flashbacks from Identity Crisis and OMAC Project regarding the mind-wipe scandal

-”Nightwing Year One Ch. 1-6″ from Nightwing #101-106

-Crisis on Infinite Earths!"

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