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DareDevil Drinking Game


  • "my city/ this city"
  • Character drinks
  • fight starts
  • Matt goes to church
  • Someone forget matt is blind
  • "vigilante"
  • Karen doesn't tell the whole truth


  • Matt interrogates someone
  • Fisk does some crazy shit

Shot/ finish drink!

  • Senor Froggy

MCU Drinking Game


  • MCU reference is made
  • Hero actually called by hero name (ie. iron-man or captain america)
  • Fight starts
  • Sexy lady on screen
  • Some dies
  • Explosion happens
  • "sheild"


  • Coulson Shows up
  • Fury Shows up
  • Scarlett Johansson ass/cleavage shot
  • Someone loses a hand

Shot/Finish drink!

  • Stan Lee cameo

Arrow Season 1 Drinking Game


  • "my city/this city" said by anyone
  • whenever you see Oliver's abs
  • When Thea looks hot
  • When Felicity looks hot
  • When Thea is a total bitch
  • Whenever Detective Lance's hair looks stupid as hell
  • When Oliver has a Island flashback
  • When Oliver acts sincere as fuck
  • Laurel makes the statement/situation all about her
  • When a fight starts


  • Some Dies (chug double if oliver kills their ass)
  • Someone new finds out Oliver's secret Identity


  • When Felicity makes an unintentional sexual innuendo

Money doesn't make a movie great...Marvel vs DC

Green Lantern, the movie was over all very poorly received(26% on rotten tomatoes). While I did enjoy the movie, it certainly wasn't a great movie, and I can totally understand a lot of the issues people have with it.

Anyway, recently I noticed the Green Lantern movie had a budget of $200 million. This was very shocking to me, I thought the CGI in the movie was pretty poor quality and I don't remember there being any real "epic" moments in the movie. I'll have to go back and re-watch it to understand better how they used 200 million on this movie, and still felt so lackluster for being a cosmic, fairly well known super hero film.

The Dark Knight had a $185 million budget, 15 million less than Green Lantern. Everyone, even green lantern hardcore fanboys would have to admit Dark Knight was in another league.

I understand it might be more difficult to do a cosmic/space hero movie, of a less known character than batman, even with a larger budget...but Guardians of the Galaxy had a $170 Million budget(30 million less). Guardians are incredibly less known than Green Lantern even among comic book fans, and proved having unknown characters and taking place in a strange environment don't have to hold a film back.

Guardians really showed what potential comic book heroes (even lesser known ones) can be very successful. Man of Steel had a budget of $55 million more than GoTG...having the Superman name on a film alone will sell a ton of tickets( aka: my grandma knows who Superman is). Guardians has already past Man of Steel at US box office, and is easily on pace to pass Man of Steel on the worldwide boxoffice. I hope this embarrasses DC, I hope it makes them mad, not because I dislike DC at all, but because DC super hero fans should get a chance to have the same quality as marvel has been doing recently.

I think DC needs to appoint someone like Kevin Feige, someone with great vision and total control of all projects. I understand DC will have the same director for both Superman Vs. Batman and Justice League, but doing that with a director could turn out to be as much of a hit as it is a miss. I want to believe DC will start living up to the quality of of the marvel universe movies, but for some reason I don't know if I have the faith they will be able to preform such a difficult task without failing again.

Anyway, maybe this isn't a shock to some people, but when I saw how much more was spent on Green Lantern and Man of Steel than was on GOTG it really stood out to me! I hope DC realizes if a movie of such unknown characters can do so well, their big name heroes like superman and green lantern are obviously not living up to the crazy potential they do have!

p.s. I'm bitter because superman and green lantern are my favorite DC characters, haha ;)

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