Reading Uncanny X-Men from the Beginning! - Thoughts and Opinions!

I'm reading Uncanny X-Men from the beginning right now and these are my thoughts on all the characters! 
I've never read any of these before so it's all new to me seeing the characters like this. I've only ever read very few of the comics (about 5 fo' reals) and seen the cartoons (mainly X-Men Evolution which I looooooved) and the films.
There are a few things I know, like later characters who join (which I know from watching the movies and cartoons and from pictures on the internet and from artwork and stuff) but I know veeeeery little about story lines (oh gosh Jean dies about 10000 times).  There are characters I'm looking forward to seeing (Emma Frost you are so wonderful even though I have never read anything with you in HOW DO WE HAVE SUCH A CONNECTION?)
Next Issue - 21 (If I can find it anywhere)

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