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PES 2018 Master League - How to win this game

Sports games bring you the opportunity to become a real athlete with only a keyboard and mouse. Playing sports games is the best way to kill time and relax with your favorite sport in the craziest way. There are a lot of sports games available today but football games are probably the most popular. They always have a special appeal to gamers, especially for those who love the King of sports.

If you are a big fan of football games, perhaps PES is a too familiar name. When mentioning PES - one of the best Sport games today at top1apk, Master League is usually the first thing that comes to our mind. With engaging gameplay and smart AI, it brings many challenges even to the most experienced players. If you are a newbie and want to win this game, here are some useful tips that you need to know.

1, If you are a beginner, do not play Challenge Mode

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For the savviest players of PES series, Master League in the previous version is not too complicated. Just playing through several seasons, the player could own a strong team along with dozens of big and small titles. Therefore, in the PES 2018 version, the developer Konami has increased the difficulty of the Master League with a new playing mode – Challenge, in which you will find it more difficult to negotiate to own the excellent players. In addition, players will face the risk of being fired at any time if the performance of the team is not improved. These new features promise to bring players the most realistic football experiences; however, if you are a newbie, you should play Classic playing mode first. Once you have gained enough experiences, your chance of winning in Challenge Mode will be increased.

2, Do not only pick top players

As mentioned, recruiting the star players in Master League will become much more difficult, especially you play the Challenge mode. Instead, you can choose young talents like Christensen (Chelsea), Kessie (AC Milan), or Kean (Juventus). Their abilities can be improved very quickly if you let them participate in tournaments regularly.

Another way to save on transfer costs, you can buy some less-than-impressive footballers of other teams. They all have good stats but because there are too many star-players in their team, they do not have many opportunities to join a match. You can easily recruit these players at relatively cheap rates compared to their abilities.

During the winter transfer window, you should also pay attention to players of other football teams who do not continue to sign contracts. To “hunt” these players, let’s go on Advanced Search section in the Negotiations menu.

3, Listen to your boss

Master League of PES 2018 features club owners. At the start of the season, they will set the goals that you have to accomplish. Once these requirements are completed, you will be provided more money to develop your team. Otherwise, you will be fired for not accomplishing the goals and your boss will not trust you anymore. You can track the level of satisfaction of these “big boss” in the Team Status section.

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4, Keep track of your salary budget

Even though your salary budget can be up to a few hundred million pounds, do not waste too much on the star players. Most of them require very high wages while your budget is limited. If you have not enough money to pay for them, they will be acquired by your competitors. No coach wants that to happen, right? You can watch the current budget of the team in the Finance section. If the salary budget is too much, you can sell some of the high-paid players and then recruit more potential young players instead. Play this game at Top1apk.com - online app downloader like Google Play Store right now!

5, Improve Team Spirit

There are many factors that affect the ability of the players on the pitch, one of which is Team Spirit. Team Spirit may increase or decrease based on your instructions adapt to your players and your performance. Try to win as many wins as possible and create the right strategy for each player in the team so that Team Spirit will gradually increase and you will soon see the positive changes through the matches. In addition, let all the players in your team have equal opportunity to play that will also improve the spirit of the team.

6, Train your squad

After having a dream football team including your favorite football players, you can go to the Training section in the Team Management tab to customize the training mode of players. You can set specific playstyle for their players such as creative playmaker, fox in the box, Anchorman, and more. This will give the gamer more options in developing and training players. You can train Ronaldo and equip him the necessary skills to become a professional Goal Poacher, for example.

In addition, some players who have reached a certain level can learn new skills (such as Flip Flap, Heel Trick, Rabona, and so on) to perform in the matches. And do not forget, in the PES 2018 version, you can train young players - a completely new feature in the Master League.

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7, Let scouts find players for you

In addition to finding the players by yourself, you can also control scouts to scout and search for famous players around the world. The results will be displayed at the Scouting Report. With simple customizations such as tournament areas, player position, budget or salary budget, scouts can completely bring you quality deals that you will be difficult to negotiate.

8, Explore the world

The main goal, as well as the aspirations of the team managers, is with their players to become the world champion. By accepting invitations to challenge, you will have the opportunity to participate in dramatic matches as well as experience all the exciting features that Master League offers.

Here are some useful tips that you need to know to win the Master League. Can you beat other football teams to become the champion? Download game and experience right now! If you want to find more wonderful games, please visit https://www.top1apk.com/game/.