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The all new former men! 0

Title: All New X-Men- Here Comes Yesterday!Writers: Brian Michael BendisArtist: Stuart Immonen10 word review: Return of the X! Where do I sign up Scott?Rating: 5 Original X-Men out of five (Jean, Scott, Bobby, Hank and Warren) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<MASSIVE AVX SPOILERS WITHIN!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I want a god-damned Scott Summers was right Tee-shirt. Just throwing it ...

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All his engines..........have broken down. 0

Title: John Constantine: Hellblazer – All his enginesWriters: Mike CareyArtist: Leonardo Manco10 word review: Oi Oi! Diet Constantine. Trying too hard. Unimportant. Semi-DullRating: 2 Death Gods out of 5 Review: I have an unusual taste in my mouth. It's not quite the taste of sheer revulsion but it is a taste which I almost certainly do not want in my mouth. It's like drinking your tea, noticing something slight, then peering into your cup and seeing small milky floaty bits that might, might be...

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A pax on you! 0

Title: Pax RomanaWriters: Jonathan HickmanArtist: Jonathan Hickman10 word review: Time travel. Popes. Isn't that just nick fury? Who cares!Rating: 5 papal doctrines out of 5. Review: The distant past. The year 2004! The words “touch screen” are only used when preceded by the words “do not”. Cars still had wheels and everything was coloured in black and white. A fresh faced 17 year old named Ross Chapman enters the world. This was a metaphorical birth and not a real birth as he was 17, as has be...

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