Does ComicVine ever give poor star ratings to comics they review?

This isn't a sarcastic rant, I would just like to know if Comic Vine ever gives poor scores to comics they review. I cannot remember the last time they reviewed a comic and gave it 3 stars, and I don't think I've ever seen a review with two or less stars (I have been a member for at least three years now).

Is it that the ComicVine staff simply love all comics, and appreciate them beyond my own interest, or is it that they aren't harsh enough? This is different from me strictly disagreeing with their star ratings, It just seems that every comic reviewed is 4 or 5 star, which translates as amazing or perfect - something which most comics nowadays are far from...

Your thoughts?


Iron Man 3 rumor

So I have a friend who works for Disney, she says that...

- Pepper Potts will believe Tony Stark 'dies'

- They are 30+ armors

- Ben Kingsley will be the main baddie

dunno bout you, but over 30 armors sounds insane, even if we only see a glimpse of them in his workshop


Hugh Jack talks about WOLVERINE 2
Basic points from the interview are....
Hugh Jack has started to buff up again
Darren Aronofsky is still lined to direct   
Chris McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects, has written the script
Lots of talk about it being 'darker' and 'meatier'


How philosophical are Comics?
This is a BBC news report about how some universities are using comics to engage their students into thinking about moral dilemmas...
A popular one would be "Should the Batman kill the Joker?"  and another that is considered in the article above is "Does Peter Parker have an obligation to be Spider-man?"
These types of questions are being posed to students as a way to introduce them into thinking about ethics and morals.
Which comic character has had an effect on how you act in these moral situations?
Ironman's drinking?
Batman's duty over Jason? 
Punisher chosing to kill every criminal?