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Top 15 Most Powerful Beings

This a list to show whos the most powerful beings ever and whos the most powerful out of them all. Please keep a open mind and come into this with a good sense of humor or your jimmies will be rustled.

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List items

  • Reason(s):

    1: Pecking order.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Can prep for anything.

    2: Can duplicate what Oprah can do, but without paying someone to do it.

    3: Has a belt that caries infinite amount repelant for anything.

    4: Owns the entire DC Multiverse.

    5: Hes Batman.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has the power of youth.

    2: Has hot blooded youthful passion.

    3: Can youth blitz.

    4: Has mastered the 8 inner gates.

    5: Can instantly bust ovaries when a female looks at his handsome manly features.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has unpenetrable and infinite layers.

    2: Can create planets out of onions.

    3: Has a war donkey that can cause biblical destruction.

    4: Is the ogrelord of the MLG, 360 no scop,e 420 everyday, PC master race.

    5: Has a onionzooka.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has infinite amount of money.

    2: Can pay almost anyone to do anything she wishes.

    3: When angered can cause biblical damage by herself.

    4: Owns president Obama who can blackmail almost anyone with their porn history.

    5: Owns Dr.Phil who can mind rape almost any being.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has the complete triforce at his disposal.

    2: Multiple time Wrastling champion.

    3: Can overcome great odds.

    4: Never backs down.

    5: Always kicks out at 2.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has the PIS forces.

    2: Commands armies of squirrels which are the most powerful creatures in existence.

    3: Has da booty.

    4: Has beaten seemingly omnipotent characters like Dr.Doom and Galactus.

    5: Has terrible art that melts eyeballs upon reading.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Can prep closely to Batmans tier

    2: Has Molecule Man and a army of Thors as his pets.

    3: Brings Doom everywhere he goes.

    4: Is the god of the Marvel Universe.

    5: Has plot armor and magic.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has a plot hammer.

    2: Is so slow he moves in negatives, meaning he has Zooms combat speed.

    3: Has beautiful golden locks.

    4: Is the most handsome being (2nd to only Might Guy of course) ever.

    5: Can cause unstoppable biblical tier flame wars when pitted against DC characters like Superman or Wonder Woman.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Is faster than the Flash.

    2: Is faster than the Flash.

    3. Is faster than the Flash.

    4. Is faster than the Flash.

    5. Is faster than the Flash.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Is limitless.

    2: Has a near unstoppable fanboy army.

    3: Has plot powers.

    4: Man of Steel threads can cause unstoppable biblical tier flame wars.

    5: Has combat speed on par with Flash.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has a near unstoppable fanboy army.

    2: Can speed blitz in a yoctosecond.

    3: Can speed steal The One Above All.

    4: Can do 1 million infinite mass punches with the force a white dwarf star in a attosecond that can kill the Anti-Moniter.

    5: Has the speed force, so i don't have to explain s**t

  • Reason(s):

    1: Has a atom cutting sword that can decapitate the One Above All.

    2: Has a unbreakable lasso and gauntlets.

    3: Has a near unstoppable feminazi army.

    4: Has unlimited faulty ABC logic.

    5: Is just a notch down from Supermans physical stats.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Is a 5th dimensional being.

    2: Is above The One Above All.

    3: Random plot powers.

    4: Is typing this sentence right now cause im taking a piss.

    5: Thanks Mr. Mxyzptlk i had to go really bad.

  • Reason(s):

    1: Is the writer.

    2: Has a well sharpened pencil.

    3: Has a eraser.

    4: Probably likes margaritas.

    5: Idk.