Hows My Avengers Team?

These are the people i would want on the Main avengers team. Do you think this is a good team and how do you think they would stand up against the Current Avengers in a Morals on Fight in New York. No BFR. My avengers are in bold next to the current avengers

My Avengers Team---- Current Avengers

Star-Lord- Leader- Captain America

Omega Sentinel- Misc- Iron Man

Wonderman- Powerhouse- Hyperion

Fantomex- Street lvl’r- Hawkeye

Sentry- Powerhouse- Thor

Gambit- Scrapper- Wolverine

Gamora- All Around- Ms. Marvel

Elektra-Iinfiltrator- Black Widow

Skaar- Bruiser- Hulk

Tigra- High street lvl’r- Spiderman


Would you watch a Spartacus spin off? ( SPOILERS!!)

I really loved the entire Spartacus series. It sucked when andy died and they had to replace spartacus but liam did a great job filling the role. The last episode shows the death of most of our favorite characters. I think the show could have a spin off though. Agron and Nasir are really the only main characters to survive. I liked em both but im not sure they could carry and entire show. I would have really like to watch a solo series on Gannicus. If they could somehow have him survive being crucified that would be awesome. We assume he died but it never showed it. I think Ceasar was an awesome character also.

So if you were to watch a spin off who would you want to see in it?


What comic characters would you want as bodyguards?

If you had to choose some comic characters to protect you who would you chose?

Heres the scenario- You are in the white house. You can pick 5 bodyguards. They all have to be street levelers or close.

Elektra, deathstroke, taskmaster, bullseye and bane are all trying to kill you. Who would you pick?

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