Too Old for the Internet: Meme Illiteracy

Too Old for The Internet: Meme Illiteracy

College Humor published an image a while back that basically summarizes the memes and celebrities that have defined “The Internet” over the past few years. See the interactive version here. Here it is in image form:

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I was surprised to see that I only knew about 10% of the memes referenced, even with the legend. Some of them vaguely sounded familiar, but the vast majority looked like a door into a Hunter S Thomson-like universe I’ve never visited.

This is one way to see the internet: a mosh pit of absurdity and wit. The thought that these characters have garnered billions of views on various social sites reminds me once again that I have no grasp of who we are as species.




Here is my version of an evil Fantastic Four. They are called the Hypernauts (no connection to the saturday morning  show from like a decade ago). The leader is the man with the big cybernetic arm, his name is Edgar Hyper. He's the super scientist who doesnt mind getting his hands dirty by murdering other brain types and stealing their ideas. The lady next to him is his wife a goddess of discord who goes by the name Eris, and their two kids Samuel and Hayley Hyper. They are a constant pain in Captain Neutron's ass and are a formidable force for science gone bad. 
Copyright: 1coyote

One Coyote: Hypernauts 

Once upon a time...


I'm not blaming the Internet, DVDs, cable stations, or anything for the demise of Saturday morning cartoons and programs like these. 
I'll go to the source. 
The regulations, liberals, and the FCC killed programs like these.
We need to start a writing and email campaign to stop these regulations and bring back these types of programs and Saturday morning cartoons.
Children are forced to grow up well before their time and that has to stop.
Under the guise of "education" regulations on programing has killed any creativity and imagination that used to go into programs like these.

Write to your representatives and Governors to have these regulations repealed.      
  Write Your Representative - Contact your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If you want to address the FCC directly. 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page 
E/I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The E/I regulations need to be done away with.

Cable Channel For.....

It's time for a cable channel just for comic books, video games, computers, animation, related movies, and other related topics. 
Also, creative arts, writing, art, and so on.     
There could be a Cribs type show with comic creators and so on.
  What do you think? 

DC's Hercules

Why isn't Hercules in DC a more prominent character?  
Should he be given his own mini-series than an on-going or placed on a team? 



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