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Good Enough Ending 0

This series isn't ending as a whole, but this is my last issue. Well, would be my last issue, I'm going to read the Battle of the Atom issues. Can't really count those though.When Wolverine and the X-Men launched in the fall of 2011, personally I thought it was the best book Marvel was releasing. It was fun, it had new characters that I started to care about, and was the X-Men book to read.Then things changed. It's hard to say what caused the quality to go down. Many pin point it to the AvX cros...

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If You're Happy and You Know It... 0

Grant Morrison is a love him or hate him writer. I love his stuff, but his stuff doesn't really mesh well until read as a whole. It may seem to be odd for the sake of being odd, but when all of the pieces are there the reader can collect them all and put them together. Then you usually end up with a great story.Happy as a whole is a story that should have just gone straight to trade. Before I read issue 4, the last issue, I went back and reread issues 1-3 again, then issue 4. In one setting. The...

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Unnecessary Avengers 0

Is this the end of this story arc? Because if it is, the ending of the actual story was kind of weak. The hint of things from the future was interesting. But not interesting enough for me to continue.Uncanny Avengers was the kick off book for Marvel Now. Everything that happened in AVX lead to this book. It was going to change the Marvel Universe. That is until the next event. Hey Ultron!That didn't happen. You can blame John Cassaday for taking to long to finish the art, but it takes two to tan...

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At Ease Frank 0

I first started getting into comics when I was 11. Back then I had my favorites in Batman and Wolverine (still like them), and the other two big characters were Ghost Rider (yeah I know) and Punisher. I've been reading Punisher books for a long time. Most of the time I just stuck to the main series. I got the good (Garth Ennis) and the bad (Franken-Castle). I can honestly say that Greg Rucka's run was one of, if not the best I've read of Punisher.It's a shame no one bought it, because it was one...

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The Many Loves of Hawkguy 0

Bro, this book was amazing bro.Way back in issue 3 (and my favorite issue so far), we met a girl named Cherry. Her and Clint hit it off, Clint saves her from the tracksuit mafia, she kept saying an annoying catchphrase, and that was that. Well now Cherry is back, and back with [cue music] trouble. She needs Clint to grab a safe from the track suit mafia, should be easy for Hawkguy.The dry humor in the book seals it for me. I loved it when Cherry runs to the Avenger's mansion and finds Clint play...

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On The Devil's Back 0

This series has remained constant in quality. This issue has a nice mix of intrigue, action, humor, and drama.After learning of Foggy's possible cancer, Matt cheers up his friend, by taking him on a Daredevil tour of the city. Naturally villainy breaks out, and Matt has to go stop it.Someone is trying to recreate Daredevil, but with prisoners. Getting the same chemicals into their eyes that Matt got when he was a kid. This heightens their senses to the point to driving them mad. We don't know wh...

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Lord Baltimore the Vampire Slayer 0

New Baltimore book! Awesome!This book features two short stories, and both were good.The Widow is a story, of an older woman getting a visit from Baltimore. He shows up during the day asking if he could meet with the widow's husband. The problem is, the widow's husband died (obviously) in the war. However, other's have seen him recently.So is he a traitor to the war or a vampire? Take a wild guess.The second story The Tank, takes Baltimore to France. He is hunting a vampire that is hiding in a t...

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Ronnie's Star Wars 0

I love this book! Deadpool is a character that doesn't take himself seriously, and neither does this book. As the way it should be.I was a fan of Daniel Way's Deadpool run. Some weren't, and that's fine. When this book launched I was excited because I like the writers, but was a little upset that the multiple inner monologues were gone. I guess when you are use to something for so long, it is strange without it.Never thought I would say this, but I no longer miss the inner monologues. This is a ...

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Be my bloody valentine 0

Another day, another new planet.This time the family is going to an alien world, with an Earth like atmosphere and intelligent inhabitants. A better start than the last planet they went too. When they arrive the family is treated as royalty, and Sue treated as a god. One of the mystic caves of the people there is a painting of the family. No one knows how it got there.That's all well and good, but the real story is the retelling of how Reed and Sue met.Reed was renting a house while going for hi...

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Too Hot To Handle Too Cool To Hold.. 0

I'm going to make some confessions. First, Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time. I remember my parents renting the VHS when I was 4. I watched it daily. I own multiple copies of the film on different formats, and make it a point to watch it yearly. (The sequel on the other hand...)Second, when I heard the pitch of this book, I was pissed. I read the Ghostbusters for the Ghostbusters. Not this new team. I told my comic store to cancel my subscription when this started. I wasn't the only ...

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The Joke is on You 1

There will be spoilers. I'll cover some up. If you haven't read this issue yet, quit reading reviews and check the book out.I loved this issue, and I loved this entire story. I could see how some people might be disappointed though.I avoided websites all day. I stayed off as much of the internet as I could. I knew not to go to Bleeding Cool at all, because they post spoilers in subject titles. Waiting for that big reveal of what the Joker had in the dinner tray, was intense.The big wrap up is a ...

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Uncanny Silence of the Lambs 1

This issue did not blow me away, however it does have my attention.We get another new volume of Uncanny X-Men, which I believe is the third one of the entire series run. I didn't think the last volume was that bad, it wasn't as good as Wolverine and the X-Men. But while that book slowly dies a painful death of mediocrity, we are at least getting something different here.The team is very similar to the team in the last volume. Cyclops is leading, we have Magneto, Magik, Emma Frost, and two new mu...

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Smash or be Smashed 0

While I like this book, I think you have to look at the long term and eventually everything will line up. Hopefully.Another week, another Avengers issue. This time we get an origin story of Izzy, becoming a Smasher, then a member of the Imperial Guard.I liked the origin stuff on the farm, I thought it was a great set up for this new character. I also liked the art more here than the first arc.The problem is, the book jumps around a lot, and at times feels like I skipped a couple of issues. I hav...

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In space they can't hear you 'meh' 0

I can't believe Marvel charges $4 for this book.I was a casual Iron Man fan before the film. I read some trades here and there, like 'Extremis'. Iron Man was a character I always wanted to get into for a monthly series. I once tried with the first Ultimate Iron Man book, but that was not for me (Tony as an alien super child, nah). After seeing the movie, I checked out Marvel's new series 'Invincible Iron Man'.That book was very new reader friendly. If you saw the movie, you could jump right in. ...

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The Nightmare Ends 0

It's the mini-series finale, the big fight between The Punisher and Johnny Nightmare.Last issue we find out what Johnny Nightmare is exactly. He was part of another failed government super solider experiment. Have any of those, outside of Captain America, gone well? The people behind the experiment knew that Johnny couldn't die, and they shot him in the head. That was done so that his brain would heal wrong, and become unstoppable killing machine. It makes sense in the book. Johnny kidnaps a tax...

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Brother's Don't Shake Hands, Brother's Have to Punch 0

Let me start off by saying I am not a regular Teen Titan's reader. I bought this issue because I figured I would try reading all of the Death of the Family books. I already get most of the main books, so for one month I could get a couple of extra books.The story of this issue runs parallel to Red Hood and the Outlaws. It's not known when in the Death of the Family storyline this takes place. I like to think Joker is doing a bunch of things all at once, going back and fourth. 'Red Robin and Red ...

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And now for something different 0

You know when you get back from the comic store, and you have that one series you have to read first. No matter what else comes out that week, that one book you have to dive into right away. Each week it is usually a different book. For me, when Hawkeye comes out, that's the book I have to read first.It's funny too, because before this series, I could care less about Hawkeye. I bought the first issue because the art looked interesting. Then I really started to like the series and character. It h...

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Kill The Mutants 0

This book took a while to come out. Was it worth the wait? Meh....Thank goodness for recaps, or I would need to dig into some boxes to remember everything that happened. Red Skull has Professor X's mental powers. He has Rouge and Scarlett Witch under his mind control. He has an army of animal people things. He is converting innocent citizens into the new Third Reich, and attacking every and all mutants. Can the nightmare be stopped?While Red Skull is doing his thing The Uncanny Avengers show up ...

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Deep Water 0

Justice League is suppose to be the flagship book for DC. When it launched it had Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on the book. It was the first book to launch the new 52. While it is a good book, and always has been, it wasn't the Earth shattering major book it wanted or DC wanted it to be.Thankfully this storyline has re-engerized the series. Picking up from last time, Aquaman has Batman by the throat, Orm assumes Aquaman is king and is ordering him to kill, Gotham is slowing submerging in water.To sav...

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Out With the Old Gods In With The New 0

I love the cover to this issue it looks like something for a Dario Argento film.This issue gave a lot of updates, and some familiar faces. Wonder Woman and Lennox are trying to track down the Zola's baby. After a spat breaks out and is resolved, Milan uses his maggot eyes and telepathic files to track down the baby. We find out the baby is more important than it seems.We also get some action in the Arctic with The First Born fighting giant ice monsters (don't tell Thor). This was a great sequenc...

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Yancy Street! 0

This issue settles it, I should not judge any series before it comes out.As we saw last issue, Old Johnny Storm came back through the time portal, and he is in bad shape. He has a metal leg, and is terrified of a new threat. That threat is Doom The Conquer. A form combination between Doom, Kang, and Annihilus. The other members of the Fantastic Four are dead, and Johnny only survived because he ran.Antman Scott Lang goes to get their fourth member back, Darla and put an end to Doom.I never thoug...

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Meh 1

What happened to this series? When it launched it was great. It was the better of all of the X-Men books. Maybe it was always kind of "meh" but just better than the 'good not great' Uncanny X-Men at the time. But now we have All New X-Men and that is trumping all of the other X-books.This is filler, and is completely unnecessary until the last page.This book is divided into four segments done as "dates". Really only one is a formal date. We have Kitty and Iceman on a date, Wolverine and Storm tr...

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Hail Hydra 0

All Hell is breaking loose in Gotham. Not only is Joker is wrecking mayhem (I think that is happening during this), a giant three headed hydra and Medusa's team is destroying the rest of the city. Missing children, people turning to stone, dogs and cat's living together, mass hysteria.Batwoman and Wonder Woman have finally touched down in Gotham to put a stop to all of this. The duo split up, Wonder Woman taking out the giant Hydra and Batwoman going after Medusa and to save the kidnapped kids.W...

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Assembled 0

That was quick. The first story arc is done. This was just the beginning though. Avengers are on Mars, Captain America gathers a team to go rescue them. And they do.It was pretty much an epic fight, and had some cool sequences, and some problems.The battle was fast paced and seemed epic enough. My problem is, what that many characters, we really need a better way to identify who they are. So some of the impact was lost. Also the fact that most of the heroes were assembled last issue then now we ...

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Highly Amused 0

Well Nightwing is having a bad day.The last issue, Joker killed his friend, Joker gassed his ex-girlfriend and carved a note into her stomach. Abandoned amusement parks aren't scary, so Nightwing goes. He is also blaming Bruce for all that is happening. He might not be in the wrong there. Joker leads Nightwing through the creepy carnival, showing a string of dead bodies, and shoots him up with a hallucinogenic, that causes him to see his dead friends. He also finds his circus coworkers have a bi...

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Teen Titans and the Outlaws 0

This issue was filler, but I still enjoyed it. I normally don't read Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I picked up this and the last issue, because I've been reading all of the Death of the Family books.Picking up where the last issue of Teen Titans left off, Roy and Starfire are out to help the Teen Titans stop an army of homeless people infected with Joker gas. The Joker has the leaders of both teams, Red Robin and Jason Todd The Red Hood. The the plan is to stop the infected homeless people then ...

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Hi-Yo Sudsy Away! 0

It's the brawl to end them all "merc with a mouth" Deadpool vs the esteemed vampire killer Abe Lincoln.This is one of the more entertaining books I'm reading. Deadpool is continuing to take out the evil zombie Presidents. He tricks JFK by dressing up as a very convincing Marilyn Monroe, he stops a plot to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, and saves the Hoover Dam. Even better he gets to enjoy a burrito.While at the Hoover Dam, some of the President's get away, but Deadpool is able to throw his pho...

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Respect the Badge...or not 0

I have never read a single Judge Dredd comic before the IDW relaunch. I planned on seeing the newest movie in theaters, but it opened and closed the same day, so I couldn't. I did buy the Blu-Ray though, and while I didn't like the villain that much, the movie was great. Dredd was a bad ass!So where is that version of Dredd in this comic?A privileged civilan is kidnapped. Mega City 1 is at high alert, and all of the judges are out to find him. Which they do, while he is shopping. So Dredd takes ...

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Not Easy Being Green 0

This issue we moved forward a little with Simon, and he finally takes the steps to become a Green Lantern. The problem is, to see that you have to read Green Lantern Corps. As much as I enjoyed this issue, towards the end it felt like an advertisement for that book.Thanks to the events of the last issue Simon Baz is able to prove to Agent Fed that he is innocent. Unfortunately for him all of his proof went up in smoke. A flying squirrel Green Lantern named B'DG shows up, and starts to teach Baz ...

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Done 0

It was a fun ride while it lasted.I started getting back into Captain America during the Civil War storyline. I never really cared about Captain America before that. I went back and read the issue from that relaunch and discovered Ed Brubaker. From reading Captain America, I became a Brubaker fan, and I became a Captain America fan. The Winter Soldier story was excellent, and he made Bucky from a joke character into a major force.Last year I was excited to check out the solo Winter Soldier title...

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Gnome Named Death 0

If Hoax Hunters was a TV show, it would be one of those SyFy original shows that airs Friday Nights after WWE Smackdown. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's a book you might read, you don't go out of your way to talk about and you enjoy no matter how cheesy it gets.Hoax Hunters started off as a small backup story in Hack/Slash. It is about a group of four reality ghost hunters. There are a couple of catches though. One, they all have powers. One is dead, one is a bunch of ghost crows in an ...

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Where There's A Will... 0

We take a break from the Alana and Marko story to focus on The Will.Earlier when visiting the "interesting" Sextillion, The Will came across a young girl, who is being imprisoned as a sex slave. Dark stuff. While trying to hunt down Alana and Marko, The Will has also been trying to find a way to save the young girl. He's a bounty hunter with a heart of gold....and a truth detector cat.At the end of the last issue we get introduced to Marko's ex, Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn is a bad ass, even without ha...

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Blast From The Past 0

If you read one X-Men book, it should be this one.The original X-Men have decided to stay in the future in order to finish what they were asked to do. This issue could be mistaken as a filler, but it really isn't. It shows us how Jean, Scott, and Warren are adapting to "life in the future".Jean is having trouble controlling her telekinesis. She hears everyones thoughts. Which actually turned out to be pretty funny. That sequence takes place over 5 panels. Each panel someone is asking where Angel...

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Escape from Dimension Z 0

Talk about a love it or hate it series. I personally dig it. I could see how someone could hate it though. At least it is trying something different.Last issue Cap and son get captured by a group of monsters, led by Tyrant Phrox. This group mistake our heroic duo for agents of Zola. But thanks to some Pym technology, Cap is able to communicate with these creatures, and convinces them they are all fighting against the same enemy. Of course Cap has to break his own arm to save the child from getti...

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The Die Has Been Cast 0

This was a great issue, kind of filler, kind of not.Spider-Man Ock (SPOCK) has been hired to hunt down Daredevil/Matt Murdock because of his supposed insanity.A big fight breaks out between the two, but then they have to team up to stop Stilt-Man from robbing a helicopter. Stilt-Man has been upgraded with Doc Ock technology, which angers SPOCK completely.Then the issue gets dark at the ending. We learn why Foggy has been acting the way he has. Up until then it was a light book.There was some hum...

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This issue won't go down as deep writing, but it was fun.So that pesky A.I.M. is up to their old tricks, and plan on reviving a giant robot (see the cover) called The Quintronic Man. They need five people to pilot it, and one man is left, a Professor Burke.A.I.M. captures him, but surprise surprise they accidentally got someone else. Someone big, green, and angry. Then all hell breaks loose, as Hulk and Shield go in for the attack.We get to meet the new science team in the issue as well, and Hul...

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If he had just pulled the trigger.... 0

The first issue was fantastic. I was even saying that it would be good for a first issue, of a new monthly Punisher series. Then the second issue came. Talk about falling from grace. The second issue was a confusing mess. It might have worked as a live action show, but did not work as a comic.The third issue reigns back some of the craziness, but still not as good as the first issue was.Franks's new friend, Jake Niman gets shot in the head. It's okay, Jake has a healing power. For some reason he...

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Deathless 0

When DC launched The New 52, I tried the first issue of as many books as I could. Deathstroke was one I really enjoyed. At the time I was unfamiliar with Kyle Higgins, but with Deathstroke and Nightwing he quickly became a favorite writer of mine. His run on Deathstroke was full of action, and made Slade look like a badass.But things happen, and Rob Liefield took over. Since I use to read Lobo back in the 90s, I was curious as to how he would be today. Terrible. I actually gave it a shot and rea...

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I Always Laugh At Weddings 0

First, I just want to say, I love the cover to this issue.Now we have the big wedding of Barbara and Joker. Such a lovely couple. Barbara's mother is still being held hostage in the bowling ally, and Batgirl has to go through with the shame wedding. Joker has a wedding present though, in the form of a chainsaw.Just when things are going smoothly for the ceremony, James Jr shows up and objects. Then we see Batgirl snap. Joker took a lot of her life back in the day, and not only did it mess up her...

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Saw the Punchline Coming 0

Picking up where the last issue left off, Batman is under the Joker's possession, and is going after Robin.This issue is one big fight, and is pretty good, though a bit predictable. Robin refuses to fight Batman, and is trying to talk some sense into him, for him to break the madness. All this is happening, while the Joker watches.If you have been reading all of the other Death of the Family titles, the ending shouldn't really be a surprise. It's still an enjoyable issue. If you have read Batman...

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