7 Video Games I Hope Are/Will Being/Be Made!

Thinking about games I'm excited for, made me think about other games I still want. Here's just a couple of games I hope are own some developers minds right now.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

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The original Beyond Good & Evil is one of my top favorite games. If you want a quick rundown, here’s six of them

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Super Metroid

Mass Effect 2

Beyond Good & Evil

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Monster World IV

Pinning the game down to a genre is unfair to it. Just know that it involves an adventure that involves photography, stealth, and some combat. And I’ve wanted a sequel since I first played it. Now saying a game I want to be made here might not be right. Because this game has allegedly been being made since 2008 or something like that. And rumors have resurfaced lately. Even today the Beyond Good & Evil was filed for trademark. So I hope the rumors are true. Though with a cavaet for me. Apparently the game might only be made for Wii U or NX, that means that I might not play it for years after the game comes out. Is not that I hate Nintendo, it’s just that Metroid is the only franchise that I truly care about. Speaking of.

Metroid(Either 2d or Prime Variety)

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I actually didn’t get mad when Metroid Prime: Federation Force was announced. The way I see it, if it’s fun, it can bring fans to the series, so that Metroid can be the popular series that it deserves to be. I’m not saying it doesn’t have prestige, I’m just saying it’s nowhere as popular as Mario or Zelda, and I wish it was. Anyway, I hope that somone at Nintendo is making a game in the main Metroid series. I wouldn’t care if it was 2d or Prime. Just give me something. I mean think about it there has been a 2D Metroid since 2003, do you know what they could do with the technology now! Think about seeing some of Samus moves with new technology! The Screw Attack! I’d be so pumped! Last but not least, I know the last time this happened it fell short, but I think they should give getting Samus a bigger story is in order. I just believe they should be careful with it. I mean Samus’ job and the environment she’s in, automatically evokes story. It’s space, it’s bounty hunting, it’s saving the galaxy. I’m not saying it has to be complex. Just a little more. I guess Nintendo exclusivity is still a block for me. But if they made a new Prime game and Beyond Good & Evil 2, well I guess I’d have to buy the console.

Crash Bandicoot

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Crash is a 3D Platformer that started on the original PlayStation. It’s my favorite of all platformers. I’ve always wanted a sequel that was a straight continuation of those PS1 games. Jumping into portals, twirling monsters, getting crystals, doing it over again. Obviously Naughty Dog has it’s handfull making some of the best experiences on PlayStation, but maybe they could, I don’t know, mentor a studio into making a Crash revival. I can always hope right!

Monster World V

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There are 4 games in the Monster World series. . . but I’ve only played 1. Monster World IV came out in the U.S. in 2012. I bought as a fluke and loved this side scrolling adventure. Now there’s currently a spiritual successor coming out. However, it might not be the same fun that IV was, and besides I want to play with Asha again!

Dragon’s Crown 2

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Dragon’s Crown is one of those games where I belive the controversy overshadowed the game. The hypersexualization, the criticism, and the way the creator reacted in turn. I think it might’ve overshadowed how fun of a game it was. I mean, I’m not trying to generalize. Maybe other people just didn’t like it. But I found it a lot of fun, and it’s setup could very well warrant a sequel that expands on the RPG elements and has even more quests and classes.

Transistor 2

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In this example, they don’t have to give me a sequel to Transistor’s story. But they NEED to make another game with this game’s engine. I mean for me, this is one of the most unique systems, easy to use; complex, and capable of hundreds of different combinations. So they could give me a new story, but with the same gameplay.

Velocity. . . 4X

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Velocity 2x is a hybrid side-scroller- space shooter. That revolves around a bad*** named Kai Tana, who can teleport and has a ship that can also teleport. If you haven’t realized yet, I’m okay with getting the same things from my games. I just want more. I’m greedy like that. So a bigger story, more complicated levels and more sidescorolling.