My Children,

There are five girls. Each split from my entire being. No, I'm not being metaphorical at all with birth shit. I actually have never been pregnant, well yet anyway. Like they were all multiple personalities ripped apart from my mind.

They each are all five parts of me. I still am unsure what my full potential can possess. Imagine what the five of them could do if they just have a bad day?

Riley, she has red hair, and is shockingly even better than me at strategics. She is a smart one so I need to keep her close by.

Bellatrix, the one with blue hair. She is quiet, but graceful. The way I see her using her powers is so elegant. Everything about her is so.. perfect. I also take notice that she can be a bit flirty. She is my dream self. Fuck.

Yuna, the blonde. She has a bit of an attitude I would suppose. Like always finding ways to make everyone upset, and having a real short tempter. She is such a joy to have!

Violet, the one with brown hair! Just kidding. She gets a bit emotional. It's also good to never yell around her.

Then there is Gaia, with the pattern it's clear that she has green hair. She is a mystery. She always knows when to stay hidden. She holds all my secrets.

I'm proud to train every one of them.

When the Island got destroyed by my wonderful ex boyfriend in his attempt to finish Ten In off. Over Kill manage to pull it off. It was.. strange to see him. If he was the kind of man to stick around with a team for a long time would we still be together?

Maybe not. Maybe so. The future might be completely different. I know him and I will probably never get back together since my son from the future arrived to save our lives during the huge battle. Also that his Father is someone entirely different.

Christopher... He loves me. Every single moment I look into his eyes I see that he is worried about my well being. Every time his Father and I are in danger he looks worried. If anything were to happen to us he won't be born. Inside of that boy's mind is about Twenty years into the future. The constant stress of knowing every single moment in time that might happen. He knows who is going to die.

Of course not everything can be set in stone since things can be changed. He comes from a future that he wishes not to talk about, since practically everyone he knew perished. Explains why he is so over protective over me.

Edward has yet to come to terms to the fact that this is all true. Since all future timelines aren't exactly stable.

All of the bad and evil that this child had to grow up in. I don't want that for my son. He has already changed one thing in history though.

Here is a little secret. If he hadn't learned the magic to rip the girls from my head then it would have caused me to kill a few people that I shouldn't have. I can't say who, but now that they are alive the future is already different. Let's just say that if I can wipe out a whole island filled with hundreds upon hundreds of vampires within a few seconds I'm scared of what I will do if I ever lose control of myself.

He would also be a lonely child. Now that these young ladies exist in the world I can raise them to also be Heroes. When I die they'll protect Christopher from everything.