Beware of these powers.

I just wanted to clarify what exactly Blair can do just in case some people think she might be whipping phones out of her pockets and launching them at people. (Which honestly would probably be effective someday.)

Being a Faerie she belongs to a clan that is able to control Light and Sound

(Others and I will later on post a fancy blog about what the Faeries are like)

Her Pink hair also stems from this, and depending on the person they might have a different hair color.

Every Faerie gains these physical attributes, and powers during Puberty. Some might develop them later than others.

She can convert sound into light, or vice versa by absorbing it.

For example: She can draw energy from the sounds of Los Angeles and shoot a beam of light from her hands.

She can draw energy from bright lights and exert a sonic scream from her vocal chords.


  • She is able to control temperatures. By reducing the amount of light projected she can make the temp fall slightly, or she can highly increase the amount making it hot as bleeding hell.
  • She has been known to throw a layer of light over herself even using that to adapt herself into becoming invisible, however if someone were to touch her or attack her it will immediately crack revealing she is there. Also she probably wouldn't have this for a long time as it takes a lot of her strength and focus. She would mainly use this for probably sneaking into buildings and such.
  • She can do the general Starfire/Dazzler lightbeam, starbolt attacks.
  • She can form solid objects out of light. They can burn like hell though when in contact.
  • Her body glows a rainbow color like Karolina Dean
  • She can temporally blind someone with a bright glow.
  • In extremely rare cases her body can go supernova. In Prime she managed to wipe out an Island of vampires in one single blast when losing complete control over herself. The blast didn't effect any buildings or non vampire beings. Seeing as how this has yet to even happen in CVnU she doesn't know that she is capable of that. Also I'll probably never have her use this in a battle, but maybe in a rpg when everyone else in it feels it is necessary for the story.
  • She currently isn't able to travel at the speed of light. She has the potential, but she isn't anywhere near experienced to be able to do it.


  • She can launch a sonic scream from her vocal chords. Three block radius is the farthest it can reach.
  • Send a sonic wave through her hands
  • Concusive blasts, using sound to produce shock waves
  • Shattering, using vibration of pitch and sound to harm solid matter most common being glass.
  • Lack of Sound, by absorbing it she can render a place quiet as space
  • Amplification, on the counter side she could raise sound inflicting confusion and hard of hearing


  • The only time she has ever really been seen to combine the two together is when forming her wings. She uses light to make solid like wing constructs, and uses sound to make them move. She has sometimes used them to grow around her encasing her in a shell to protect herself from a huge attack. This would cause her to use a lot of her strength up so she probably wouldn't use this move twice in a battle actually only to mainly protect her life.
  • With range of her attacks.defense moves they change colors depending on the light scale. Her extremely short distance moves will be red, while her long range moves will be purple. You can guess where the other colors will be with her attacking if you know the Rainbow order.
  • Flash Bang, arguably the simplest combination of a briliant flash and loud bang


  • She could get hurt like the normal person. If someone stabs or shoots her then she'll need a trip to the hospital.
  • She gets distracted easily. Having good hearing is a good cause of this.
  • If someone were to destroy her wings while she's flying then she'll kinda just fall LOL
  • She doesn't have any good hand to hand skills. Like she can punch someone out or defend herself, but she isn't at all a martial arts artist.
  • She feels uncomfortable around swords or anything sharp.
  • Her being able to heat up light is different from fire. If fire touches her she will burn.
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