Back in action ;]

I step out into the fresh air. Bright lights stain my skin with a burning radiance. A pounding noise of applause roars throughout the stadium as I walk to the microphone.

I begin to sing my heart out. These past few months I've been a little busy with the Vine Titans, and even recording an album for myself. Who knew my first single would have became a huge hit. I really hope me being a Superhero has nothing to do with the song being popular. I just wanna use this as a way to make the world a better place.

Warm air slowly flows onto my right shoulder. OH SH!T! Why the hell is there a monster standing next to me like that!? Dropping the microphone I could feel a burning energy flowing through my body. Pink light shines out of my finger tips giving me a better view of the being that is probably trying to eat me for dinner. I can see blood dripping off of its teeth. Following the trail of blood I glance over backstage to see a pile of my bodyguards... dead.

With all of the chaos my fans are running rampant in fear that the monster will eat them, while there are others staying for the thrill to see me in action. All I know is that this thing made a huge mistake attacking me in my habitat.

What does an unlimited amount of loud noise, and bright lights equal? This thing fried on the floor in a few seconds. I'm personally pissed off. Whoever sent this thing here to ruin my concert will pay.

I'm back ;]
I'm back ;]