I never expected my life to take a turn like this. A 120 foot tall blue monster has me trapped in its fist, and is threatening to keep me inside its pants for forever. How did it even manage to get a pair of pants that huge too? Was it expensive too or did he get them on sale? All these questions are flying through my mind as my life is in peril. “HELP!” I begin to shout to the hundreds of people that are staring at me from below. Flashes of light are going on and off to capture the two of us in night dark sky.

Oh wait! I got my own powers, duh! I could… explode into a ball of light? No, I don’t want monster hand guts flying onto the people down there. I could burn him! The temperature of my body immediately rises in temperature. My skin brighten into an endless amount of colors. Its hand sweating makes me prepare myself so I could- oh no.

I could feel my body swaying back and forth in the night sky. He is using my body as a sparkler and this stupid monster is making shapes and all kinds of loops with me. I was once seen as a phenomenal superhero and now this is all that is left of my vanishing career. This is going to be all over social media too!

As he continues to swing me into the open sky I could feel his grip loosening up. My right arm pops right open. As he continues to make shapes I aim my palm for his eyes. I launch a stream of blinding white light to momentarily blind him. The hold of me is briefly broken, and I begin to fall. With the screams and the cheers ranging from stories below I absorb their magnificent waves of sound. My skin inhales the rush of outcrying noise and my florescent body exhales two angelic wings infused by constructed light.

I float in the nightfall. My dazzling embodiment shines as the monster stares at me in awe. Only 200 feet more and we are back at the ocean. If I could get him back into the waters then we are solid.“I refuse to be someone’s firework or booty scratcher!” Multiple cords of light pour of out my body as they hurl towards the great beast. Each one wraps itself around a body part. I pull with everything I have. He resists but gives in as the cords burn through his hardened skin. The monster growls as it sets foot into the sand.

I’m so close. The cords break off from my body as they are still attached to the monster. I fly around him and I absorb the light around me. The chains I place on him all evaporate as they flow back into my body. The bright lights from the city transfers into my skin. For a moment my luminous form dims down. Rhythms build and build within my vocal chords. Before the beast could fully turn around I let out of piercing scream. The beast falls into the water. Getting back up the monster decides to retreat and leaves the city alone for good.

I descend back down my feet and hands touching the messy sand. My colorful form fades away. I stare at the stars and I realize the world needs more heroes to save innocents from being wronged. It’s my job to return and liberate the planet from evil.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket I slide open the lockscreen. I click on the name of an old friend to give them a call.“I’m back.”