Cellphone Girl the t.v. show.

Well my friends and i are soon gonna start working on a little show about CPG, that we'll put up on YouTube. It's something that i noticed would be very new to see on the vine, and awesome as hell. What are your thoughts?


School Lunches

Where do i start with this food? Okay to be honest there are days when i do like it, like pasta Wednesday for example yum... But to get back on track, like they need to start giving us better food, and even though i love my Doritos like the next person, i wouldn't mind having most of the food be healthy. Not to long ago there was this story on the cafeteria food at my school in the school's newspaper, turns out they are giving us the same food, that they are giving a County Prison in my state, which is kind of sad that they would give us the same food that a murderer might be eating. lol   
Opinions on the food?


CPG's newer epic bio XD

So basically i figured to REALLY work on this bio of mine during Winter Break.. well once i get out of school really,but it  hasn't really been touched since September (long time.. I know) If you've seen it in the past few days, you could see how i've already been working on my origin, and i have been adding images that fit it WAY better lol..If you have any tips, or comments on it.. Just post a comment or pm thanks XD