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Cellphone Girl CVnU

CVNU - Cellphone Girl

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  • Name: Blair Swierczynski
  • Codename: Cellphone Girl
  • Age: 21
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Identity: Secret
  • Occupation: Superhero
  • Place of Birth: Chicago
  • Group Affiliation: Vine Titans, We Are Legend.
  • Known Relatives: Henry (Father, deceased), Linda (Mother, Deceased), Izaiah (cousin), Risky (cousin)
  • Powers: Sound and Light.


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Upon seeing her cousin Izaiah during her parent's funeral she decides it would be safe to live with him and his family as they took guardianship over her. For a short time Blair stayed with the team recovering from her parent's deaths as she began manifesting her explainable origin of powers. Having no recollection of knowing how to control her powers she is suggested to train with Feral Nova. During months of vigorous training and hard work this leads to an unbreakable bond between Zoe and Blair as well as membership onto We Are Legend.

Not too long after joining the ranks Blair receives a call from Feral Nova on the WAL communicator. Being able to run as a fast as the speed of light she tried her best to return in time to save Zoe from Darkchild. She was too late as she found her bloody body lying on the ground. Rushing her friend to the hospital she managed to barely save her life, however she was comatose for a couple of weeks. Staying with her every single day along with her puppy Zachary the two of them watched over her.

Vine Titans

The formation of the Vine Titans occurred with the team miraculously appearing on Luna Island. Through pain and suffering the team fought the villain and persevered through survival.

The team shortly after disbanded as they discovered how dangerous the island was to live on. Wanting to avoid any deaths they felt it was best for them to go their separate ways.

Hair: CPG's pink hair is due to a physical faerie mutation. Her natural hair was dark brown, however, as she was discovering her powers her hair began to grown in as pink.

Powers: Blair is able to control sound and light through absorption. Through this she can even absorb light and transfer it into sound, and vice versa.


  • She is able to bend light to momentarily make herself invisible
  • Use it as a way to occasionally change the temperature for a little bit.
  • Use light to shoot beams and balls, or form things like a chain or rope of light.
  • Build a thin wall to protect herself though it can usually shatter with enough damage.


  • Unleash a pink colored sonic scream. It can be heard from 3 miles away, however, can only be felt from roughly 80 yards away from the direction aimed.
  • When using sound-based attacks they will change colors as they travel in a wave.
  • Blair can control vibrations to the point of building up seismic waves to cause a very minor earthquake.


  • Sound-proof area: No access to sound.
  • Pitch Black room: No access to light
  • Underwater: While sound can travel there is a lack of light depending on how far she is brought below. Also, she isn't good at holding her breath so that will be another disadvantage.
  • Blair is very emotionally attached to those around her. Allies and family being in danger will likely cause her to put her life at risk to save them.
  • While Blair will not be affected by light based heat she can easily be burnt by fire.
  • She is vulnerable to weapons, physical hits and bullets.
  • With Cellphone Dog being a telepath he has instilled minor telepathic defenses, however, a very powerful psychic can easily break through them with no problem. They are only there to guard her from grand attacks meant to quickly attack the general population.
  • Even though Blair will have stored light and sound through out the day she will naturally grow weaker in a situation of using it often without a source to pull more from.

Wings: Blair's wings aren't real. She is able to form them through a compact construction of sound mixed with light to form object. Being able to form wings gives her the ability of flight. She isn't able to fly at fast speeds due to not enough practice. The wings can be broken with enough power and will shatter and fade away if Blair is unable to reabsorb them in time.