I'm A Teenage Heartthrob

So many lead roles are the very legends of comic history. And for many of these iconic heroes in their shadows lie the ever faithful sidekick. These teens became the idols of teeny boppers pinning the likes of their young heroes onto many a bedroom wall. But check them out in all their cuteness and one comes to see why most grew up and grew out from underneath those shadows.

But others are just young teens who ran into a little luck and find great powers and abilities. Their own breed of teen heroes who pride themselves in their sense of honor in battling the baddies. Young and in charge.

And there are those that fit neither category, they are the teenage members of an all adult group of Supers. Either trying to play catchup with their big league buddies these teens do the best with juggling saving the planet and fitting in with the grown ups.

All these dynamic teenage heartthrob's fill the cannon of what comics are all about, puberty equals heroes in tights. A perfect combo for readers looking to envision themselves in a different reality.

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