To Mr. George Perez my many respects and deep down thanks for creating the wonderful worlds we all got to enjoy and grow up with....

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“I’ll Take Combo # Four”

The comic book world at times takes a leap of faith. Writers have swapped out members of almost every known super team from various titles. Some with great results and others with less than aspiring combos to readers. And there are those truly odd shuffles that really hit they’re own note.

Another part of comic mythos is to try and come up with some interesting pairings of side-characters to the main hero. Be it as associates combing to add flavor to a series. Some teaming up and jumping off into their own comic series to become a big hit.

Even with just taking already tried and true character team concepts and having various comic companies take a twist on revisiting known iconic teams. And the trade off with thinking outside the box? Tossing up the bag of characters and coming up with mixing great personalities makes truly unique story lines.

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