To Mr. George Perez my many respects and deep down thanks for creating the wonderful worlds we all got to enjoy and grow up with....

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"Get Out Of My Hair"

Updo's, perm's, bob's, beehives, Afros, braids, Mohawks, crew-cut, with bangs or without. Hair has always been a changing theme in comics just as it is in the real world of fashion. Some toon's even sport wigs as "masks" to keep their secret identities in the civilian world. And others just have a funky style and the main attraction is their hairdo.

Most of these folks however can do something in comic's that none of us in reality can. Control of they're unusually long and luxurious locks the strands of which are no thicker than the average strand of human hair and just as soft when its desired to be. They have the ability to wield all of them like countless extra appendages. With concentration they can move they're hair in almost any manner imaginable.

So come on and get your "hair did" at the beauty shop and see who else is in doing the do.

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