Gem of a Hero

They sparkle, shine, glisten, and scintillate. These character's of the superpowered landscape of comics all have the common ties of crystalline prowess. May they be crystal in form, construct crystal out of thin air, have gems of power, or come from magical lands of gem they are the toon's that bring up this interesting little corner of the superhero universe.

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Posted By fables87

Shiny list!

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Posted By TronHammer

Nice list.

How about Crystar, the Crystal Warrior?

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Edited By cbishop

A good portion of your first page is repeats of earlier entries on your list. Chaselon is on here four times lol. As for add-ons, what about Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, and related characters? :)

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Posted By Cellophane_Girl

Yeah I was new to this when I made the list. I also lost the first original page. Lost a lot of toons and didn't come back for awhile. I should clean it up. Loved your list. It's cool so see that gem.💍

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Posted By Tolliver_Trask

Solid list, a lot of those characters I haven't seen in many years. I would add Shrapnel, a villain from DC. He looks pretty much identical to Shard. Great job.

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Posted By cbishop

I didn't remember checking this out before. It's on the "this week's most recommended" under User Lists. Nice job. :)

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Posted By Cellophane_Girl

Really ! Omg; didn’t even know. Awesome thanks😳😳😳✌️