To Mr. George Perez my many respects and deep down thanks for creating the wonderful worlds we all got to enjoy and grow up with....

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“Brave the Elementals”

in 1984 the comic company called Comico published the series created by Bill Williaham about four reanimated once ordinary humans who had been killed by their element, and resurrected them as defenders of the Earth. They granted each control of that particular element, eternal youth, and the ability to heal from any wound.. These four United to become the Elementals and the series would go through various dark story plots with adult context. Through the various changes in the series and even reinvented in a more sexual content when Comico folded and the property was sold to another publisher. Although now long gone from the current mainstream the legacy of the series and its many original characters can still be enjoyed and remembered fondly as a once cutting edge comicbook unlike many during its time.

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