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It all started with a comic book rack at the local 7-11. Three siblings walk in. Pop tells us we can get whatever we want in the store. Anything I thought? As I looked up at pulp paper mag's full of wild colored tights on flying men and woman. Strong, beautiful women batting bullets away with their bracelets and blue and red web swinging teens wearing ski masks. I was hooked once I opened the first page. I walked out with my first Spider-Man, Teen Titans and Wonder Woman comics. My brother and sister grabs a Slurpee and Funjin's. I walked away with more than a kid my age would have ever imagined. And here I am now.

Hi; I'm the sensational Cellophane-Girl! I'm one all ensconcing sleuth who's hunting down the lost and little known characters that have made their own mark on the comic world...following their trail one by one.