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Name: Cody James Donaldson

Alias: CDviper

age: 20

Height: 5,10"

Weight: 200lbs

Description: White with freckles, brownish black hair with blonde and red highlights usually buzzed on the sides, Eyes that changes from silvery blue with green and brown flecks in them to a straight grey, crooked teeth, broad shoulders and thin hips, size 11 shoe, larger than average hands

Bio: Mutant born with several powers, born in Pittsburgh, very skilled street fighter and somewhat self taught in Judo and Brazilian Jui-Jutsu, when he was in school was on the football team as a safety and the wrestling team, nervous around cars but perfectly comfortable in any other mode of transportation, intelligent but prefers the simpler ways


  • Precognition- Only when his life is in danger does Cody gain the capacity to see briefly into the future
  • Bullet time- Cody has the capacity to move and perceive things that are faster than a round fresh outta the muzzle
  • Density- Cody's bones and flesh are 3 times denser than a normal human ( this also means it takes more to harm him)


  • Women
  • Water- not a strong swimmer and he doesn't float
  • Fits of Insanity- Cody has a tendency to be mentally unstable and can change from being a serious guy to an utter nut ball