The Favorites

Alright, I guarantee you this list will change will time but as it stands now here are Cdiddy's all time favorite characters!

Note: These characters have to appear in a comic or manga and I am not going to use characters mainly from TV shows unless that show is animated. If I had TV shows than Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead would be too heavily thrown in here. I might make a list for that.

List items

  • Just such a bad-ass, intelligent, cunning, power-hungry, awe-inspiring character. The mix of magic and technology is amazing, his power struggle with Mr. Fantastic is amazing, and in my opinion, he is amazing. Also, the amount of times this human has gained unimaginable powers from just his brain and his will is insane to me.

  • Danny Rand is such a cool dude. He has been my favorite street leveler for a long time now, and he was the character who helped me get my 15 seconds of fame on this website in terms of CaV's. I am so excited for the Netflix show to come out, hope they do him well.

  • My favorite X-Men, she is a psionic beast who I always loved while reading X-Men comics. Sophie Turner recently portrayed her greatly in the new movie, and while that movie wasn't amazing, she did great. Anyways, the Phoenix Force always interested me and so did she.

  • How can there be Dr. Doom without Mr. Fantastic? The smartest dude in Marvel, I love his brains and I love the Fantastic Four, and he is the leader.

  • Another X-Men and another genius, I love Beast and the development of his character from hiding the beast to embracing it. He is a genius, and a awesome street leveler!

  • Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, who can he not be one of your favorites?

  • A character very similar to Doom due to his power through intelligence, he also has power through power. I hope that his badassery is accurately portrayed in the Marvel movies.

  • Finally a DC character! I'm sure a ton of you DC fans out there were itching to see one of these guys. It's not that I don't enjoy DC, because I very much do, it's just that I think Marvels characters are slightly more enjoyable to me. Anyway, Martian Manhunter has always been the Justice League hero that I loved, I loved the whole martian thing and his powers are awesome.

  • Even though he's been bitched by one character above him *cough Mr Fantastic cough*, I still love his brains, his suit, and his personality. Just a all-around awesome character.

  • Besides Dragon Ball Z, he was my childhood. I loved this show, and I love Samurai Jack.

  • Speaking of Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo! Gohan would've been above Piccolo if he didn't turn into a annoying adult. But alas, that was his fate so this is Piccolo's.

  • Awesome herald, original herald, best herald. Not too much to say about this wicked hero!

  • My second favorite of the Spiderman rouges, this dude is another manipulative and smart guy. Also, way underrated.

  • An awesome hero, T'Challa has an awesome kingdom, an awesome costume, and an awesome level of intelligence and personality.

  • A spooky scary villain, the movie dude not give him any justice but the animated series did.

  • A character who can change into animals with a better personality than Animal Man, that is why he is here.

  • A magician that is getting a movie soon! Who else is hyped?

  • Another one of the Fantastic Four and the spouse to Reed, we have Sue Storm. What an underrated character! She is so cool yet nobody loves her, but it's okay because I do.

  • Johnny Blaze was always intriguing to me, as the Spirit of Vengeance that can't use but possesses the absurd level of power that is stronger than most people here.

  • Last but not least in terms of power, Doctor Fate. I enjoyed the whole mask power thing, and I like his costume as well.