X-Men #136 (Homages #7)

This list is also part of my "Arms of Another" series.

Although predating it by five years, I'd have to say that X-Men #136 is second in popularity to Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. Still, it has spawned an imitator or few. Like the Crisis #7 list, I'm limiting this list to covers that are clearly homages to this cover. Everything else will be found in the "Arms of Another" lists. As I run across them, I'll add them here. But first, the original...

X-Men #136
X-Men #136

What is "Arms of Another?"

"Arms of Another" is when "A" is holding "B" in their arms. I have several categories for this:

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Concise Listing:

  • (1/95) Freak Force #13.
  • (7/05) Grounded #1.
  • (5/06) Grounded #6.
  • (8/80) Uncanny X-Men #136.
  • (4/05) X-Men: Phoenix: Endsong #4.
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The list below is in chronological order.

List items

  • (8/80) Uncanny X-Men #136. Cyclops holding Dark Phoenix.

  • (1/95) Freak Force #13. Mr. Big holding the Hummingbird. Compare the poses of Barbaric, Superpatriot, Horridus and Rapture to Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm, respectively. Definitely a homage to X-Men #136, and not Crisis #7.

  • (4/05) X-Men: Phoenix: Endsong #4. Cyclops holding Jean Grey. This is a nice cover, but I still prefer UXM #136.

  • (7/05) Grounded #1. This issue and the #6 issue are kind of cool. There's more of a "Pieta" pose (in that they're not standing, but it's reversed on both covers), but they are definitely homages to UXM 136. You can tell by the poses of the background characters. Particularly the one on the left side of the cover that is holding their head in their hand like Wolverine does.

  • *******(5/06) Grounded #6.