Wonder Woman and Cup Cakes "The Maltese Cup Cake" (Hostess Ads #8)

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Not to be confused with Josie and the Cup Cakes.

On a site dedicated to making a wiki history of all things comics, comics ads should not be forgotten. Especially the ads for Hostess Fruit Pies, Twinkies, and other snacks. Starting in 1975, Marvel and DC heroes (and the Harvey characters!) spent seven years throwing Hostess snacks at a bizarre line of villains to stop their crimes. Although many of the villains were completely silly, they were created specifically for these ads, and in many cases, not even the names have been used again, since the ads stopped in mid-1982.

So I thought I'd show an ad here, and make a list of the comics I find it in, as I run across them. This list features: Wonder Woman and Cup Cakes "The Maltese Cup Cake." As noted on the Hostess Superhero Advertisements page:

Using a slew of cronies - like Mr. Astor and Petula Lorry - Cindy "Fat Lady" Bluestreet attempted to pry Wonder Woman off the search for the valuable Maltese cupcake relic. Instead, the three criminals found themselves on the wrong end of Wonder Woman's lasso - but not before enjoying the stash of Hostess Cupcakes.


Concise Listing:

  • (2/77) Batman #284.
  • (5/77) Batman #287.
  • (5/77) The Batman Family #11.
  • (2/77) The Brave and the Bold #132.
  • (5/77) The Brave and the Bold #134.
  • (2/77) DC Special #26.
  • (5/77) DC Super Stars #14.
  • (5/77) Detective Comics #469.
  • (2/77) Green Lantern #93.
  • (2/77) Isis #3.
  • (6/77) Isis #5.
  • (2/77) Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #49.
  • (6/77) Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #51.
  • (2/77) Metal Men #50.
  • (2/77) Plastic Man #16.
  • (2/77) Ragman #4.
  • (2/77) Starfire #4.
  • (2/77) Superboy #224.
  • (2/77) Warlord #5.
  • (2/77) The Witching Hour #68.
You Get A Big Delight In Every Bite <7 (Hostess Treats) 9> Enjoy.

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