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Walter White Jesse Pinkman in "Solid Gold Persuasion..." (Hostess Ad Parodies #2)

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I almost added this to the list of actual Hostess Ads, because it actually is talking about Twinkies- not Twinkles, Twinks, Twinkys, or any other derivative you can think of. However, to my knowledge, this has not been used as an actual ad anywhere. So, it becomes Hostess Ad Parodies #2, and besides, it's parodying two things here: the Hostess ads we know and love, and the television show Breaking Bad.

First, the ad parody itself was created by Brendan Tobin, and it was found on his Blogspot page: brendantobin.blogspot.com. This image specifically is on his page called Twinkie Me, Bitch!. Check him out- he's got all kinds of cool comic-y goodness on his page- the latest being Doogan the Dogboy. My apologies to Mr. Tobin, as I don't know much more about him than that. Don't feel bad though- nobody knows who I am. (Yet, he says hopefully. Yet.)

Even though I've only watched two (or so) episodes of the show, I like this parody in particular, because Breaking Bad (and the Better Call Saul spin-off) was created by a guy that went to my high school. Vince Gilligan's senior year was my freshman year, and although I don't know the guy, I think that's pretty cool.

The show itself lasted for sixty-five episodes across five seasons, and originally aired on AMC from January 20, 2008 to September 29, 2013 (thank you, Wikipedia). If you like the later show The Walking Dead, then you'll be okay with Breaking Bad. It's almost as much blood and gore, and instead of zombies you've got meth heads. Okay, I already said I've only watched two or so episodes, so really, all I can confirm is the blood and gore. The show is very dark, and that was Gilligan's intention, but it was a little too much for me. I do want to finish the series at some point though, just because it was created by a hometown boy. Go, Vince!

If you think you may have heard of Vince Gilligan from some other source, he's been in television and movies for years now. If you keep track of writers, you might recognize his name from X-Files, The Lone Gunmen, Hancock, and a short-lived CBS show called Battle Creek. I don't care what CBS said, I enjoyed Battle Creek.

Nostalgic delight in every bite < 1 (Hostess Ad Parodies) 3 > Enjoy.

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