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The Spirit titles in my collection. This will also include other titles by Will Eisner, including Blackhawk titles, since he introduced the character in the 1940's.

I was always curious about The Spirit, and started reading him when the DC Archives started coming out. There's a story called "Ten Minutes" that starts off, "This story will take you ten minutes to read." I timed it- it's practically to the second. That's an amazing bit of story construction. Made me a Will Eisner fan for life.

I was driving a forklift in a parking lot at work one day when my mom called me. "I was listening to NPR, and some guy from comics... Will ...Eisner I think was his name...died." I remember my jaw fell open and I felt like someone had just kicked me in the chest. This was how I found out that this comics giant had died? I was truly shocked to hear of his passing, and I think the fact that I was shocked left me even more shocked. Yes, I was a fan of Will Eisner, but I didn't expect his death to affect me so. It did though. We lost a great with him. -cb


The Escapist titles are included here, because The Spirit guest-starred in one issue. The TPB is here just to keep the two Escapist titles I have together.

Not on CV at last check:

  • All About P'Gell: The Spirit Casebook, Vol 2 ($1).
  • Will Eisner: A Retrospective (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art). ($5)

Concise Listing:

  • (2/04) Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, The #6. (guests The Spirit)
  • (5/04) Amazing Adv. of the Escapist, Vol 1 TPB.
  • (1/07) Batman/ The Spirit #1.
  • (2005) The Best of the Spirit TPB.
  • (2001) The Blackhawk Archives, Vol 1 HC.
  • (1992) Blackhawk Special #1.
  • (1994) The Christmas Spirit. ($7.95)
  • (1989) City People Notebook.
  • [11/05] Comic Book Artist #6.
  • (1985) Comics and Sequential Art SC, 9th printing (1992).
  • (5/10) First Wave #1.
  • (7/00) Millennium Edition: The Spirit #1.
  • (2014) Rocketeer/ Spirit: Pulp Friction HC. ($2.98)
  • (2/07) The Spirit (Will Eisner’s… on cover) #1(2), 2-7, 9.
  • (2000) The Spirit Archives HC, Vol 1-6, 8, 16($10)
  • (1990) The Spirit Casebook, Vol 1-2. (Vol 2 not shown on CV page)
  • (8/98) Spirit Jam.
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