Shang-Chi (Titles)

A chronological listing of all titles starring Shang-Chi. All titled Master of Kung Fu or Deadly Hands of Kung Fu.

List items

  • I've always thought that Marvel should do more with this character. He's the *MASTER* of kung-fu. Surely he deserves a place at Marvel? Alas, he's been consistently overshadowed by the flashier (and yes, a personal favorite) Iron Fist. Still, seems like that would make Shang-Chi just that much cooler, if Marvel had the right writer.

  • (12/73) Special Marvel Edition #15. First appearance of Shang-Chi. Went well enough to have him appear again next issue.

  • (2/74) Special Marvel Edition #16. How well did this appearance go? So well that with the next issue, they'd rename the series.

  • (4/74) Master of Kung Fu #17-125. This title kicked butt (no pun int...yeah, it was intended) for 109 issues, until June, 1983- that's over ten years! Not shabby for a guy with no superpowers.

  • (4/74) Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1-33. Debuting the same time as the full color series, this black-and-white magazine lasted 33 issues. Heavily featuring Shang-Chi, this title also saw stories about Iron Fist, White Tiger and Bruce Lee!

  • (6/74) Kung Fu Special. (The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu) According to the wiki, this is full of editorials and movie stories. <shrugs> Shares a common title, so I included it.

  • (9/74) Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #1-4. A quarterly series of specials. On a side note, this title evokes images of actors in foam padded costumes battling it out over scale models of Tokyo, ala Godzilla and Power Rangers.

  • (1/75) Special Collectors Editon. (Savage Fists of Kung Fu) This appears to be an anthology collection, but judging by the cover, Shang-Chi figures prominently.

  • (4/76) Master of Kung-Fu Annual #1. Considering it ran for almost ten years during a time when annuals were standard practice, I'm not sure why this was the only annual for the 1974 series.

  • (8/79) What If? #16. Not sure what the issue was here- copyright/licensing problem, or what- but this is the only issue not reprinted in Marvel's What If Classic trades.

  • (2/91) Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black #1. One-Shot. The comic historian in me wonders if this had anything to do with Gin Seng debuting in Phantom Force, in December, 1993. Figuring in idea-to-development-to-production time, it's a possibility.

  • (11/02) Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu #1-6. Marvel MAX mini-series.

  • (11/09) Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu One-Shot (B&W). Yep, that's the actual indicia title. Guest-starring Deadpool.

  • (8/11) Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1-3.

  • (7/14) Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1-4.

  • (2014) Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Out of the Past TPB. Collecting the four issue series.

  • *******(7/15) Master of Kung Fu #1-present. Connected to Marvel's current Secret Wars, I was very surprised to find this title to be really good. Fun read.