Series I'd like to read in their some point

Just what the title says. There are a load of titles that I've wanted to check out here-and-there that are now cancelled or finished. I'd just like to hunt the back issues down at some point, and read the whole thing.

There are several barbarian titles on this list. They're not what I buy when I go to the comic shop, but I have run across issues here and there that were part of a stack I bought for cheap, or something like that. Superheroes are my comic love, but there's always something about a barbarian title that makes me want to read it again.

List items

  • 32 issues. I was collecting this from the preview insert til...probably early 20-something. I know I had the annual when it came out. I'd like to read the end of the series. What was DC thinking though? "A guy whose origin starts off with a demon? Yeah, that should be a book of wacky fun." I mean, it *was,* but what the heck? Who does that? lol

  • 1 issue.

  • 12 issues

  • 13 Issues- I had all but the first issue, but they were damaged when my storage shed flooded.

  • 13 issues. Like most people at the time, I saw this as a novel idea, but considered it pretty cheesy...and it was. So I've only got the first issue. I'd like to give it a full look though, and see if it surprises me the way U.S.1 did. (Update: I now have all but issue #6. I even have the one-shot special collector's edition.)

  • 12 issues. This one I want to read again. I had the issues as they were coming out, and loved it. I think it's a shame they weren't able to continue this one at least another two years.

  • 24 issues. This title I actually have (I may be missing one issue), but I haven't actually gotten to *read* it yet.

  • 1 issue. Again, I have it, I just haven't gotten to read it yet.

  • 50 issues. I have the first issue and a few others. It's Conan-ish, but he's a Native American in Europe. Still fighting monsters and such, but what I read was interesting. I don't typically collect this kind of book, but whenever I wind up with issues, I always enjoy them. I figure I should just read a series at some point.

  • 1 issue. Goes with the 1981 series.

  • 1st appearance of Warlord, leads into the 1976 series.

  • 133 issues. Kind of Conan-ish, but it's a human lost in an extra-dimensional world. I enjoy titles like this when I happen to wind up with issues, but I don't typically collect them. I'd like to read this though. Also, Arak and Arion both spun out of this book.

  • 6 issues. Goes with the 1976 series.

  • 275 issues. I'd probably hunt down the TPB's from Dark Horse if I decide to read all of this.

  • 12 issues. I don't know if all of the annuals made the Dark Horse TPB's or not.

  • 19 issues. Reprinted in TPB's.

  • 36 issues. Reprinted in TPB's.