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Punisher titles in my collection.

Not on CV at last check:

  • (1988) The Punisher (reprints the original 5-issue Punisher mini-series)
  • The Punisher in "An Eye For An Eye"

Concise Listing:

  • (8/94) Archie Meets the Punisher #1(2). (I have the die-cut cover that says “Punisher Meets Archie,” and the plain cover that says “Archie meets Punisher")
  • (1988) Daredevil And The Punisher: Child's Play TPB.
  • (12/88) Marvel Graphic Novel: The Punisher, Assassins' Guild.
  • (1994) Punisher: A Man Named Frank.
  • (2005) Punisher: MAX, Vol 1-7 TPB. (1= In the Beginning; 2= Kitchen Irish; 3= Mother Russia; 4= Up is Down, Black is White; 5= The Slavers; 6= Barracuda; 7= Man of Stone)
  • (1990) Punisher: The Prize.
  • (6/07) Witchblade/ Punisher #1.
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