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  • (6/93)Savage Dragon, by Erik Larsen. The fact that Larsen is drawing this is great, because we get to see it the way he sees it, but for me, this book is all about the writing. It's in "real time" - i.e. 30 days for us is 30 days for the book. Larsen has had to play with that here and there, but seeing characters that actually grow old, get fat, die, retire, and get replaced is awesome. Savage Dragon is doing what soap operas have always done with their casts, and what comics should do. If you're reading Robert Kirkman's Invincible, you SHOULD BE reading Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, because Kirkman freely admits that he stole all his writing tricks from Larsen. There are too many good things to say about this book!

  • Previews. Most months, I don't order anything from this, but I love looking at it to see what all is coming out.

  • Marvel Previews. I still think it's ridiculous that they aren't in the main catalog, but same thing here- I like seeing what's coming out, even if I order nothing from it.

  • (9/16) Titans. I have been digging this book based solely on the nostalgic glee it gives me that this team is together again, but that is wearing off. At this point, if something really cool doesn't happen with this "Who Is Donna Troy?" arc, I'm probably going to dump it.

  • (10/16) Moonshine. I loved Azzarello's Wonder Woman, so I was looking forward to this when my LCS guy pointed it out to me. I've now read the first six issue arc, and am awaiting the end of the book's hiatus with mild impatience.

  • (9/17) American Way: Those Above and Those Below. I'm actually not sure if this is an ongoing or another mini-series, but at this point, #5 just came out. I haven't been *totally* enjoying it, but it's held my interest so far. It's well written, but...I don't know- there's some political goings on here, and I think I'm just tired of that in real life, so why am I reading it? lol

  • (11/17) Fighting American. Loving this take on the character. It's really weird, but so absurdly right. It's fun.

  • (2/18) Mighty Crusaders. It's only two issues in at the time of this note, so I'm just enjoying the buildup at the moment. Honestly, I picked this up because I've been so very disappointed with DC & Marvel lately. The first issue of this was good, and the second issue is waiting to be read. I'm looking forward to it, and these days, that impresses me.