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Outsiders: Alpha & Omega (Connected #4)

Outsiders #1 Alpha/ #1 Omega

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Other than a few of those pink and white energy bubbles floating from one cover to the other, this image is pretty much totally linked by the background, which matches up pretty much perfect, from the looks of it.

The artist had a bit of fun here though, because they made the background match up no matter what edges you put together. (Keep in mind that I'm working with scans already on the site, so I couldn't get them to match up perfect in each case, but you can see that they were meant to.)


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Vertical- Alpha/Omega:

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Vertical- Omega/Alpha:

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Every Which Way:

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Think about how many times they had to shift the two drawings around to make that background match up like that. I find it pretty impressive.


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  • (11/93) Outsiders #1 Alpha.
  • (11/93) Outsiders #1 Omega.
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