Nerd Celebrity (Autographed Comics)

I don't have a ton of autographed comics, but I have a few. I'll list them here as I run across them again.

Concise Listing:

Alphabetical Order:

  • (1997) Age of Heroes Special #1-2. (James Hudnall on both)
  • (2/94) Axis Alpha [one] [several signatures]
  • (9/96) Collected Warrior Nun Areala: 2: Rituals HC. (Ben Dunn)
  • (1998) Comicology #1: The Kingdom Come Companion. (Mark Waid)
  • (1993) Deathmate Tour. [several signatures]
  • (1996) Flash: The Return of Barry Allen. (Mark Waid)
  • (9/99) L.A.W.: Living Assault Weapons #1-6. (Dick Giordano/ Bob Layton on all)
  • (11/80) New Teen Titans #1. (Marv Wolfman)
  • (5/93) Spawn #10. (Al Simmons)

This list is in chronological order:

List items

  • (11/80) New Teen Titans #1. Signed by Marv Wolfman. I bought this from a dealer, so I have no idea if the signature is authentic.

  • (5/93) Spawn #10. Signed by Al Simmons. He appeared at my LCS, signed this, an Angela poster, and I think that was it. He was touring with the Spawn funny car. He had a Spawn costume too, but didn't wear it that day, because it was so hot.

  • (1993) Deathmate Tour. (autographed by several pros involved with the book)

  • (2/94) Axis Alpha [one] (2 copies). [Axis] 1 copy autographed {Axis is where Tribe went when it left Image}

  • (1996) Flash: The Return of Barry Allen. (autographed by Mark Waid)

  • (9/96) Collected Warrior Nun Areala: 2: Rituals HC. (Note: autographed "Ben Dunn '96" #45/ 500; free because cover detatched). {predecessor to the visually similar Magdalena}

  • (1997) Age of Heroes Special #1-2. #1-2 autographed by James Hudnall. He appeared at a Las Vegas library signing, along with Bill Willingham and Steven Grant.

  • (1998) Comicology #1: The Kingdom Come Companion. "The Magazine That Belongs on Your Bookshelf." Excellent book, material later included in Absolute Kingdom Come. Signed by Mark Waid.

  • *******(9/99) L.A.W.: Living Assault Weapons #1-6. All 6 autographed by Dick Giordano & Bob Layton. When it came out, I didn't believe that it would work, but I loved that DC tried to do something with their Charlton characters in this title. Randomly came across the autographed copies in a dollar bin.