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Huntress (Titles)

A chronological listing of all titles starring the Huntress. Significant appearances peppered throughout. I've listed all the Huntress titles I've had in my collection in Huntress: Comic Book Disco.

List items

  • Helena Wayne, aka Huntress. The one, the only, the TRUE Huntress! Daughter of the Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman-turned-Batwoman. So you know she has the skills of Batman... and the mischievous, dirty-fighting skills of Catwoman. She is a force to be reckoned with!

  • (12/77) DC Super-Stars #17.

  • (7/78) Batman Family #18-20.

  • (9/80) Wonder Woman #271-287, 289-290, 294-295. (These were 8 page back-up stories)

  • Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress. After COIE, Helena Wayne gave way to Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a slain mob family. Trained in deadly skills by a surviving family enforcer, she grew up to become the Huntress! By no means a bad character, but without those ties to Batman & Catwoman, sadly...lacking. Still, before New 52, she conned the Birds of Prey into helping her take over the Italian Mafia. NOT shabby.

  • (4/89) The Huntress #1-19. Okay, I won't lie- as much as I love The Huntress as Helena Wayne, I was onboard beginning to end for this series. I didn't like it that she came from a mob family instead of the Wayne family, but she was a badass character. Unfortunately, she didn't click, although a year-and-a-half run is not to be scoffed at. In the end, not even a three issue arc with Batman could save her.

  • (1/91) Justice League International Special #2. (Featuring the Huntress) Just three months after the end of her 1989 series, Huntress featured in this JLI Special. Max Lord tried to push her back into being the Huntress again, but in the end, Bertinelli gave it up. I wasn't sure what the point was of bringing her back for a one-shot, if she was just going to walk away at the end. It was probably supposed to be closure for fans of the series, but it was really just a tease and disappointment.

  • (12/92) Robin III: Cry of the Huntress #1-6. Just over two years after the cancellation of the 1989 series, this was a failed attempt to generate new interest in the Huntress, using a fan-favorite Robin as the spotlight. Failed miserably, but hey, Robin got his own ongoing after this.

  • (6/94) Huntress #1-4. Fifteen months after the end of Robin III, DC tried to reboot the Bertinelli Huntress again, basically retelling her origin from the 1989 series. It failed to generate interest.

  • (5/98) Nightwing/ Huntress #1-4. Not quite four years later, after many guest appearances in the Bat-family titles, DC featured her with fan favorite Nightwing. Unfortunately, Devin Grayson saw it less as a restart for Huntress than as a chance for Nightwing to bed yet another DC heroine. Since he had just recently been with and seemingly committed to Barbara Gordon, fans saw this as a betrayal, and Huntress got hated on as the tramp side-piece.

  • (5/98) Batman: Huntress Spoiler: Blunt Trauma #1. (one-shot) Released the same time as the Nightwing/Huntress mini, this was designed to shine a spotlight on the strengths of both characters. Not a bad story, but I still hate "Spoiler" as a character name.

  • (6/00) Batman/ Huntress: Cry for Blood #1-6. Just under two years after the disastrous results of Nightwing/Huntress, DC decided to call out the big gun. Surely *Batman* could get Huntress off the ground again...right? Nope.

  • (2002) Batman/ Huntress: Cry for Blood TPB. Collects the 2000 mini-series.

  • (2003) Nightwing/ Huntress TPB. Collects the 1998 mini-series.

  • (2006) The Huntress: Darknight Daughter. This collection gave me so much joy. Collects all of the Helena Wayne Huntress stories from DC Super-Stars, Batman Family, and Wonder Woman. Great collection.

  • (7/08) Huntress: Year One #1-6. Seven-and-a-half YEARS after the conclusion of Batman/Huntress, DC's next attempt was Huntress: Year One. "Year One" has helped every character they've used it with so far- SURELY this would do the trick, yeah? NOT when it retells the origin from the 1989 series! Geez, DC, learn a new song already!

  • (2009) Huntress: Year One TPB. Collects the 2008 mini-series.

  • (12/11) Huntress #1-6. Three years, three months after the conclusion of Year One, DC brings Huntress back for the New 52. Although I'm sorry it was part of New 52, it's the only place they could make it a workable mix- this Huntress is Helena Wayne from Earth 2, who has been on Earth 1 in the identity of Helena Bertinelli. Innnteresting.

  • (2012) Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads TPB. Collects the 2011 mini-series.

  • (7/12) World's Finest #1-26 (stars Huntress & Power Girl). The Earth 2 Huntress & Power Girl are BACK! Honestly, I have yet to read this, but I will. It's New 52, and there's very little I liked about that time period, but for Helena Wayne, I will check it out.

  • World's Finest: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 TPB. (Collects #0, 1-5)

  • World's Finest: Hunt and Be Hunted TPB. (Collects #6-12)

  • World's Finest: Control Issues TPB. (Collects #13-18)

  • Batman/ Superman: Game Over TPB. (Collects World's Finest #20-21, Batman/Superman #5-9, and B/S Annual #1)

  • World's Finest: First Contact TPB. (Collects #18-22, Batman/Superman #8-9)

  • World's Finest: Homeward Bound TPB. (Collects #22-26)