Fly #5 (Connected #42)

Fly #5 (3 covers).

Fly #5
Fly #5

Fly is a 2011 five-issue mini-series from Zenescope. It's about a drug that would allow the user to fly. I haven't read it yet, but it has been collected in trade paperback, so I hope to pick that up at some point.

I got these covers from the CV wiki, and as you can see, they went together pretty much beautifully. The only flaw I can see is where the L and Y connect at the bottom- the curbing isn't the same size. The scans were the exact same size though, so I'm assuming that either it's a flaw in the art, or something's not spaced right due to part of the scan being cut off. That's so minor though, it's hardly worth noting. The only reason I did is because that's what these Connected lists are about- how well the puzzle pieces fit together.

Like any Zenescope book, these issues all had multiple variants, so if you cannot lay your hands on the trade, it shouldn't be hard to dig the issues out of the back issue bins.


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  • (10/11) Fly #5. (3 covers)
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  • (10/11) Fly #5. (3 covers)