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Captain Tootsie and the Hand Grenade (Captain Tootsie #8)

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Captain Tootsie is the spokes-toon for Tootsie Rolls, having appeared in numerous ads from 1943 to approximately 1955. He also appeared in newspapers, and possibly magazines, in addition to comics. I've run across one set of daily ads so far, along with Sunday strips, and a two-issue comic book called The Adventures of Captain Tootsie and the Secret Legion. Just enjoy the ads. Unless there's something significant to point out, I'm not going to say a lot about them.

All I can say here is that it made me think of this:

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Concise Listing:


  • (Fall/45) All-Flash Quarterly #20.
  • (Fall/45) All Funny Comics #8.
  • (Fall/45) All-Star Comics #26.
  • (Fall/45) Boy Commandos #12.
  • (Fall/45) Buzzy #4.
  • (Fall/45) Comic Cavalcade #12.
  • (8/45) Crack Comics #39.
  • (Fall/45) Funny Stuff #6.
  • (Fall/45) Green Lantern #17.
  • (Fall/45) Leading Comics #16.
  • (Fall/45) Mutt & Jeff #19.
  • (Fall/45) Real Screen Comics #3.
  • (Fall/45) True Comics #45.
  • (Fall/45) Wonder Woman #14.
  • (8/45) World's Finest Comics #19.

The list below is in chronological order:

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