Box 74 - Children's Books

Sadly, almost this entire box was destroyed in my storage shed flood. I think the only thing that escaped was Chimney Corner Stories, which was in a magazine cover which protected it from water damage.


This magazine box happens to be filled with hardcover children's books, and the one comic item I had in there is not listed on CV.

Comics not listed on CV:

  • Oddville, by Jay Stephens (not Welcome to Oddville)

Children's Books:

  • Chimney Corner Stories
  • Complete Adventures of Curious George, The
  • Eloise The Ultimate Ed.
  • Favorite Stories Old and New Revised Ed.
  • Fifty Stories for 8 Year Olds
  • Hooray For Diffendoofer Day!
  • I Saw Esau
  • New Adventures of Curious George
  • Prayers For Children (1950's)
  • Seuss, The Whole Seuss and Nothing but the Seuss, The

Other Books:

  • ABC's of Writing for Children, The
  • A Treasury of North American Folk Tales
  • Literature For Today's Young Adults
  • Writer's Corner (1983)

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