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Batman: Harley Quinn (Homages #277)

Homages to Batman: Harley Quinn in chronological order. But first, the original...

 Batman: Harley Quinn
Batman: Harley Quinn

This cover has had its homages in the last twenty years- including a few that are on the half-naked side that I won't include here, just because I don't want grief over the site rules. But look up Hardlee Thinn sometime, and you'll find them.

Some cool stuff I can show you are Alex Ross's models, and what may have been his inspirations for this cover. First up: the models:

The models, and the cover.
The models, and the cover.
A couple of other looks
Tango of Evil
Tango of Evil
Mind If I Cut In?
Mind If I Cut In?

Left: Virgin art for the cover. Incidentally, Ross' title for this is Tango of Evil.

Right: Ross' follow up, called Mind If I Cut In? Very cool.

Ross' inspirations for the cover

According to his Twitter, Alex Ross found inspiration for the cover in some old Arrow shirt ads:

And can we get him drawing comics?
And can we get him drawing comics?
Can we clone J.C. Leyendecker?
Can we clone J.C. Leyendecker?
Sad, but true

None of the variants I found online that homage this cover are currently on CV. I tried to add them to the wiki, but it kept eating the pics. So, until they get whatever that is fixed, this is the place to find them.

Credit where it's due

Oh! Before I forget: I absolutely could not have put all of this together without the help of the peeps in the COMICS SWIPES group on Facebook. I was looking for the Arrow Shirts image with the woman in the red dress, and they helped me find that and everything you see above. Very cool group.


Concise Listing:

  • (10/99) Batman: Harley Quinn.
  • (4/14) DC Comics Presents: Harley Quinn #1.
  • (7/19) DCeased #1. (variant)
  • (Date?) Hardlee Thin.
  • (2022) Lady Death: Necrotic Genesis #1. (variant [and promo image])
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The list below is in chronological order.

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