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Aliens: Comic Book Disco

Comic Book Disco
Comic Book Disco

Aliens titles in my collection. You'll see the crossovers in other lists as well.

Not found on CV at last check:

  • (1997) Batman/ Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]
  • (2003) Batman/ Aliens II TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]
  • (8/01) Mindhunter: Aliens/ Witchblade/ Darkness/ Predator TPB. (collecting the mini).
  • (2003) Superman/ Aliens 2: God War TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]
  • (2007) Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predator TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

Concise Listing:

  • (7/93) Aliens/ Predator: Deadliest of the Species #1(Ltd.Ed.).
  • (9/15) Aliens/ Vampirella #1-3.
  • (9/00) Green Lantern vs. Aliens #1-4. [DC/ Dark Horse]
  • (2001) Green Lantern vs. Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]
  • (10/16) Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens #1-4.
  • (7/95) Superman vs. Aliens #3. [DC/ Dark Horse]
  • (1996) Superman/ Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]
Complete Disco: .Comic Book Disco.

The list below is in chronological order.

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