2000 AD #590 (Homages #11)

Homages to 2000 AD #590 in chronological order. But first, the original...

2000 AD #590
2000 AD #590

Most of the homages that are out there for this were probably done for the Superboy cover from Adventures of Superman #501, but AOS got the pose from 2000 AD #590 which precedes it by five years (and thanks to silent_bomber for pointing it out to me).

I suspect that both covers got this from a movie poster or some other pop culture reference. As yet, I haven't been able to find it if it exists.


Concise Listing:

  • (6/93) Adventures of Superman #501.
  • (10/15) Convergence: Zero Hour #1.
  • (6/13) Fearless Defenders #3.
  • (5/92) Lobo's Back #1.
  • (9/93) Lobo's Back's Back! TPB.
  • (11/96) Superboy and the Ravers #3.
  • (9/88) 2000 AD #590.
  • (10/17) WWE #10.
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The list below is in chronological order.

List items

  • (9/88) 2000 AD #590.

  • (5/92) Lobo's Back #1. Considering "Zenith's Back!" on the 2000 AD cover, it's *possible* that this cover drew inspiration from it. It shares another common element of a symbol/wording being on the back of the jacket, although Lobo's jacket is not leather in this picture, and he's not pointing over his shoulder. But so fraggin' what? *If* this cover takes inspiration from the Zenith cover, then so does the TPB for this series.

  • (6/93) Adventures of Superman #501. This is a die-cut cover. If you could open that up and look at it, you'd see that the "S" symbol is part of a bigger picture of Superboy using his thumb to point at the "S" on the back of his jacket. Which is why this is here. You can see the Superboy picture from behind the die-cut in the variants section.

  • (9/93) Lobo's Back's Back! TPB. He's still not pointing, but Lobo *is* looking over his shoulder this time, and this time the jacket *is* leather. I think it's possible the Lobo covers did play off of the Zenith cover, although the artist did more to make it his own.

  • (11/96) Superboy and the Ravers #3. ...this is a homage to the cover behind the die-cut cover on Adventures of Superman #501. However, it recognizes the original source, having him face the same direction as Zenith on the 2000 AD cover. Nice.

  • (6/13) Fearless Defenders #3. Facing the same direction as the 2000 AD cover, but pointing with the same hand as Superboy.

  • (10/15) Convergence: Zero Hour #1.

  • *******(10/17) WWE #10. (I don't think that this one is meant to be an homage, but it looks almost the same, so it's here)