Wild Dog and The Punisher: Doubling Down! The Return and Retreat of Killer Bea


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11/22/19Wild Dog and The Punisher: Doubling Down! The Return and Retreat of Killer Bea(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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MGun and grenade violence; language.Punisher: The Bachelor Party
Inspired by this Super-Team Family cover, by Ross.
Inspired by this Super-Team Family cover, by Ross.

Sitting together in the red truck, the man in the hockey mask and jersey asked the man with the skull on his shirt, "Tell me again how we got this?"

Loading bullets into his clip, the man with the skull on his shirt answered, "The Legonzas recently lost their boy, Joey - a trafficker of girls, and general scumbag.* The Carmontis recently lost their capo, courtesy of yours truly. Now--"

"--Wait a minute! You killed Carmonti? That's my girl's father, man!"

The man looked up from his gun. "You care?"

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The other tsked from behind his mask. "Nah, man. She's gone, thanks to jerks after that douchebag. Him and everyone like him can go straight to hell for all I care. Just surprised is all, Frank."

"It's Punisher, Wild Dog. At least while we're doing this."

Wild Dog scoffed. "Sure. Whatever."

Frank nodded towards the clubhouse of the White Pines Country Club. "Anyway, sending everyone like him to hell is exactly why we're here. This wedding is meant to cement their families together. I don't plan to let that happen. Time to crash the party."

Wild Dog popped the clip into his machine pistol, and checked his nine millimeter. "I'm all about that."

"Let's go," said Frank, and they both got out of the truck and headed for the clubhouse.

They had barely gone twenty yards when security noticed them coming. Frank shot one, Wild Dog shot another, and then the Punisher lobbed a grenade straight for the clubhouse. It landed five feet from one of the floor-to-ceiling windows near the main ballroom. It both fragged the security in range, and blew them an entryway through the glass and brick.

The clubhouse was thrown into a panic. While most scrambled for other exits besides the one made by the grenade, surviving security started trying to find positions to fire from. Punisher and Wild Dog were taking them out pretty easily- adrenaline giving them laser-like focus.

Until they heard a woman from inside scream, "Hold your fire! Those motherfuggers are MINE!" As the firing died down, a woman in a form fitting, black-and-yellow striped dress stepped out of the gunsmoke, and through the gaping hole in the wall.

Wild Dog stopped short, and threw his mask off to get a better look. "No way! Beatrix?! Is that you?"

"What the--? Rene? What the fug are you doing here?" she said.

"You two need a minute?" Punisher asked with a growl.

"Oh, sh!t!" Beatrix said when she saw the Punisher. She dove behind a huge cement planter for cover.

Rene looked at him and shrugged, "Hey, man, look at her. Back in the day, we had a thing, y'know?"

Punisher scowled. "Jack Wheeler must be turning over in his grave."

"Hey. Fug you, man," Rene said, pulling his mask back down. "Not everyone hates their past, ass."

Without another word, they stalked forward as one.

"Castle! I've had about enough of you," shouted Beatrix. "You're making me look bad!"

"Killer Bea," said Frank. "It's not me. It's that dress. You really got married in that?"

"I'm the maid of honor!" she shouted, firing a few shots from behind the planter.

"Demoted from bodyguard, then?" Frank called, provoking her.

Killer Bea screamed, then shouted, "Kiss" blam "my" blam "black" blam "and yellow" blam "ass" blam "bitch!" klik

"Damn, Bea!" called Wild Dog. "Sounds like the only thing you're shootin' off now is your mouth!"

A nine millimeter came spinning through the air from the middle of the topiary in the planter. "You're still an ass!" she screamed as she ran low behind the patio wall, heading for the parking lot.

"Say hi to your sister for me!" Wild Dog called back.

"You mother..." Bea trailed off as she got further away.

Wild Dog looked back at Frank, who was still scowling. He shrugged. "I make no apologies, man. She was fun."

Frank said nothing.

"So was her sister."

Cocking his head towards the ballroom, Frank seethed, "Can we get back to this now?"

Wild Dog snickered, refreshing his clip. "Sure, man. Hey! Jagoffs! You know she bailed on you, right?" A few shots rang out towards them. "Yeah, I think they know."

They moved in towards the patio as they started to take out shooters again. Finally, Frank smiled.

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