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Welcome to Cbishop's Index For Captain Tootsie Ads

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This is an offshoot of the Comic Ads series of lists, because Captain Tootsie had many ads between 1943 and approximately 1955. I've found one blog that claims upward of 220 Captain Tootsie ads exist, but they seemed to be counting every newspaper daily black-and-white ad that is out there as well. I'll post those as I run across good scans, but the first 50 or so will all be in color.

From info that I can find, it seems that many of the color ads were printed in newspaper Sunday comics sections, and reworked for comic book advertising later. I'm looking for one good scan of each ad, preferring the comic book version over the newspaper version.

If you're unfamiliar with Captain Tootsie, he was an ad character for Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops. He had a group of kid sidekicks known as the Secret Legion, but his main sidekick was Rollo. Whenever trouble arose, Captain Tootsie and friends would eat a Tootsie Roll (or Tootsie Pop) "for quick energy," and they would jump in to save the day. For Captain Tootsie, the candy seemed to give him great speed and strength, ala Popeye and his spinach. However, like a good ad should, it only ever implies this connection rather than promising these results to the consumer.

I hope you enjoy the adventures of Captain Tootsie. As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy. -cb

Captain Tootsie Ads:.#.
03/30/18.Captain Tootsie and His Friends See "Johnny Holiday".
03/30/18.Captain Tootsie and His Vacation-Time Pals.
03/30/18.Captain Tootsie and "The Babe Ruth Story".
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Bumbershoot Jump!.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Farmyard Fire!.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Giant Cannon.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Great Jewel Robbery.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Hand Grenade.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Haunted House.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Logjam Rescue.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Mysterious Plan.
03/31/18.Captain Tootsie and the Radar Rescue.
04/01/18.Captain Tootsie and the Return of Dr. Narsty.
04/01/18.Captain Tootsie and the Runaway Horse.
04/01/18.Captain Tootsie and the Secret-Play Touchdown.
04/01/18.Captain Tootsie and the Secret Weapon!.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie and the Toy Cannon.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie and the Wolf Hunt.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie at the Snow Carnival.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Averts Trailer Truck Accident!.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Bags Mountain Lion.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Battles Monster Man!.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Braves Raging Torrent.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Breaks Up Spy Ring.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Captures Red the Terror!.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Cheers Orphans.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Foils Prison Break.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Foils Robbery.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie Gridiron Hero.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie in Emergency Landing.
04/15/18.Captain Tootsie in the Holiday Spirit.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie in the North Woods.
04/02/18.Captain Tootsie in "The Show Must Go On!".
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Makes Daring Air Rescue.
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Makes Rollo Strike-Out Artist.
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Nabs Counterfeiter.
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Saves Little Sally!.
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Saves the Day!.
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Saves the Sailplane.
04/03/18.Captain Tootsie Saves the School Party.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie's Counter-Spook.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Shows 'Em How to Walk on Stilts.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Silences Rattler.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie "Skating on Thin Ice".
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Tames A Tornado.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Tames Lion.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie to the Rescue!. (Beck)
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie to the Rescue. (Schreiber)
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Traps Jewel Thieves.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Traps Killer Bear With Invisible Light.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Traps the Circus Culprit.
04/04/18.Captain Tootsie Saves Butch.
04/04/18.Linda Wins For Captain Tootsie.
04/04/18.Pete the Flash Scores For Captain Tootsie.

Thanks for stopping in! :^D

Tootsie Rolls are to Captain Tootsie what spinach is to Popeye.
Tootsie Rolls are to Captain Tootsie what spinach is to Popeye.