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Comic Ads are more than just the mountain of Hostess Ads we know and love. Over the years, many a company has used one page comic ads to shill their products in the pages of comic books! So I thought I'd do a list series that showcases those ads, and shows you what issues I've found them in. To me, these are as much a part of comics history as any superhero, and I love 'em for the nostalgia they bring. I hope they do the same for you.

As this series grows on me, I'm discovering ad series like Captain Tootsie, Volto From Mars, and Old Nick. Each good sized ad series will have its own index, and each index will be linked back to the Comic Ads index.

That will mess with the numbering for Comic Ads a bit. For instance, I had one Volto From Mars ad in the Comic Ads series (#23) when I decided to track down the twenty Volto ads that I know of. I decided to renumber it from Comic Ads #23 to Volto From Mars #1, giving the Volto series its own numbering. When I move an ad like that, rather than renumber the Comic Ads series, I'm just going to deactivate that link, and adjust the back/next links to skip over it. There will be notes in the Numerical Order (#) part of the index to explain what happened.

I hope these ads are fun for you to read, either bringing you a bit of nostalgia, or giving you something to read that you've never seen before. Enjoy.

The Comic Ads Index is set up in these categories:

.Intro/ Clothes..Foods..Kenner..Schools..Toys/ Games..Misc..#.

These are the categories the ? page has been broken into:

  • AAU Shuperstar
  • Miscellaneous

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

Note: I've tried to cross-reference ads to make them easier to find, so you may find the same ad under multiple tabs, and on multiple pages of the index.

AAU Shuperstar:
00809/25/13.The Adventures of Sgt. Shark!.Shark Power
02811/13/13.The Dingo Kids Meet O.J. Simpson.Dingo
01510/04/13.Lee Rider in "A Starring Role".Lee Jeans
04901/20/14.My Hair Is A Mess!.Kenner
05703/13/16.The Saga of Johnny West.Acme Boots
05401/28/14.The Winner. Built by Converse. Just for Sears.Sears

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