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HOMAGES is a series of lists gathering famous/recognizable covers and their imitators. Yes, there is a concept page for homage covers, but it doesn't present them in chronological order, and it includes a few things that I probably won't, like pictures of statues and things like that. I am adding covers to the concept page that I find aren't there, as well as updating images with pertinent info.

Please Note: If you see an asterisk (*) by any issue, it means it is listed under more than one tab, and/or on other pages of the index. This has been done in an effort to make issues as easy as possible to find.

These are the categories the Homages lists have been broken into:

.Intro/ Art World..Music..DC..Image..Marvel..Misc..Themes..#.

These are the categories the Art World page has been broken into:

  • Advertising/ Promotional
  • Artworks
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Movies
  • Sculptures

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Advertising/ Promotional:
  • .Coppertone Girl. (puppy pulling at girl's swimsuit)
  • .Hope. (Obama "Hope" poster)
  • .We Can Do It!. (Westinghouse Electric poster; woman making a muscle; red scarf on head)
  • .Mount Rushmore. (4 presidential heads carved in mountain stone)
  • .Pieta. (Mary holding Jesus' body)
  • .The Thinker. (statue of a seated man hunched over, chin on back of hand)

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