Predator Crossovers I'd Like to See

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Let's dive right in:

1) Predator/ Daredevil

Predators go after guys that have weapons, and DD uses his billy club pretty well. After taking down a street gang single handedly, a predator starts tracking him. Daredevil's got an advantage though - his radar sense allows him to see where the predators are.

2) Predator/ Spider-Man

I really don't see this as too different from the DD crossover. The difference is Spidey's weapons are the web shooters. He doesn't quite have the same advantage as DD though, because while his spider sense warns him of danger and helps him avoid being hit, it doesn't allow him to see where the predators are.

3) Predator/ Iron Fist

I just like the idea that predators attack guys with weapons, and Fist is "The Living Weapon."

4) Predator/ Wetworks

I'd like to see how those golden symbiotes fare against predator tech.

5) Predator/ Team 7

This would be a little more like the original movie, but the soldiers have super powers, so a little more even.

6) Predator/ Wolverine

Logan's adamantium skull and spine would be an irresistable trophy to a predator. I'd want to see this in the Savage Land, where Wolverine can go full on berzerker mode, and tear into some predators. A T-rex has got to eat at least one predator, or be blown to bits trying.

7) Predator/ Ghost Rider

It's kind of a weird match-up, but here, the predators can see the skull up front, so I think this would be a desirable trophy for them. I think GR's penance stare would be useless here, and this would be more of a physical fight. Can the Rider give as much fight as the Predators?


Well, that's a few off the top of my head. Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to throw in any of your own.


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